15 bizarre toys that cause nightmares

15 bizarre toys that cause nightmares

Toys should bring joy to children. Accordingly, most toys are nicely designed, imaginative, and sometimes even educational. But unfortunately there are also toys that do not have such properties and that make you question the motivation of the manufacturer.

The strangest videos. (Scroll down to the article.)

Below are 15 such questionable toys that are likely to cause more nightmares than joy in children.

1. A real sunshine.

pikabu / slddhartha

2. I think that self-made, personalized teddy bear ate something bad.

! facebook[showText:false](https://www.facebook.com/1523260437992495/photos/a.1523261474659058/1770653429919860/?type=3&theater)

3. Please do not confuse it with Woody from “Toy Story”. This is obviously the cowboy with the huge arms from “Space Boys 3”, as the package reveals.

4. Starfish are known for their friendly smile and their brilliant white teeth.

This dental hygiene teaching toy starfish with a full set of human teeth from r / mildlyinteresting

5. Other dolls may be more suitable for playing hairdressing.

pikabu / GrustiNet

6. Harry Potter as we know and love him.

It looks like a petrified Harry Potter from r / crappyoffbrands

7. Sweet!

My wife asked if I wanted to see the creepiest doll in her collection. I was not prepared … from r / creepy

8. This doll should be a replica of the child in the photo. Well hit, you might think …

So my mother had a doll made based off of a picture of me as a baby.

9. A duck with four feet … Is that evolution or did I not really notice something in biology class?

My four-legged duck from r / CrappyDesign

10. It is important to show girls career prospects at an early age.

Hey kids! Stripper starter kit.

11. After the duck with four feet, here comes the parrot with three feet and one wing.

Won this in a claw machine and realized its little flaw. Three feet & one wing. from r / mildlyinteresting

12. The angry wife – with voice output. “My little darling” – that’s the name of the doll – says things like: “Trust female intuition!”

The packaging also explains: “The husband is the head, the wife is the neck. Wherever the neck turns, the head must follow. That’s why you should never get on your wife’s nerves. “

Russian toy for children: “The Strict Wife”

13. I look you in the eye, little one … one by one.

Yet another unrealistic expectation for women from r / funny

14. The teddy seems to be based on the movie “Alien”.

This baby bear doesn’t have a body. Repost from mildly interesting. from r / CrappyDesign

15. “Real pregnancy action. Baby’s first baby. Even babies’ babies are pregnant. ”Children grow up so quickly.

Oh… oh no… NO !!

One looks for fun in this horror cabinet of bizarre toys in vain. These toys and creepy dolls are more likely to make you laugh in different, involuntary ways.

Here are other failures that leave you feeling uneasy:

Thumbnails: © facebook / Odrazki © pikabu / slddhartha

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