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15 animals that were born with a specialty

15 animals that were born with a specialty

No animal is like the other, but there are a few among them that are a little bit more special than their conspecifics.

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Because when Mother Nature is kissed by her muse again, she is sometimes particularly generous in decorating her creatures and giving them a little something extra to take with them on their way through life.

1. This cat has two fangs.

Doubled fangs of a kitten.

2. A kitten that was born with polydactyly and therefore has two extra toes on each hind paw.

3. This puppy was born with a tiny tail on its forehead.

This puppy born with an extra tail on his face from r / aww

4. Frankie the tomcat was born with four ears and one deformed eye, but he still feels purr-tight.

Frankie was born with four ears and an eye deformity but he’s still purrfect from r / aww

5. Golden Retriever Enzo was born with a rare skin condition that causes the large black mark on his face.

This is Enzo, he was born with a rare skin condition causing a lil black freckle to appear on his face. Believed to be the rarest Golden Retriever on the planet. from r / animaloddities

6. A chicken that Mother Nature has given a very special feather pattern.

This unique chicken with heart patterns in its plumage from r / aww

7. No, you don’t see double here. This cat actually has two fluffy tails.

8. Female Liberty was born with a bipartite nose, but this does not affect her in any way.

This is Liberty, she has what I believe is “Split Nose Mutation” it appears at birth and doesn’t compromise her in any way. I think this makes her unique and utterly adorable! from r / aww

9. Cats usually have 18 toes. This copy even has 26 of them.

My cat is polydactyl and has 26 toes. So I named him Toes. from r / aww

10. With this dog, nature just couldn’t seem to decide which eye color would suit him better.

My fluffy little genetic defect from r / aww

11. A cat that has an extra fang in an unfavorable place.

At work today we literally had a mutant cat come through … Extra canine tooth, strongly rooted. from r / WTF

12. This dog is a so-called chimera, which means that – genetically speaking – two different dogs are slumbering in it, namely a black and a blond Labrador.

This good boy is a chimera, which is an animal that is genetically two animals, in this case he’s a yellow and black lab. This means he is twice the good boy. (Not my picture, found on Facebook) from r / aww

13. The cat Frankenlouie was 15 years old despite her two faces and is even in the Guinness Book of Records.

Amelia and her two faced cat from r / WTF

14. Toad bitch (in German: toad) has a second mouth where her right ear should be, which even has a few teeth.

Awesome! Doggie has a mouth in her ear Heather Hernandez adopted her dog, Toad, from the Animal Welfare shelter in Oklahoma, United States. When she became part of her family, she was sure that something special was there. from u / Chapoisat

15. The cat Elli was born with black fur, but because of Vitiligo (white spot disease) she is almost completely white today.

This beautiful cat is Elli, she was born with tuxedo markings but since has turned almost completely white due to vitiligo. She’s a happy, healthy and unique kitty. from r / aww

But even if these animals are a little different from their fellow species, they still have one thing in common with them: They are loved by their people for who they are.

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