15 animals that are first class passengers

15 animals that are first class passengers

Those who have animals are sometimes out and about with animals. Not only the everyday dog ​​in the subway is an animal on the move, but also the penguin on the plane or the llama on the tram.

The best animal stories can be seen here! (Scroll down to the article.)

Flying with animals is a completely different challenge than just taking them on the tram for a few minutes, for example. Flight attendants, however, know how exhausting and downright uncomfortable human Be able to travel with you – a fearful animal is usually a true angel by comparison. For the two-legged fellow travelers, the furry and feathered passengers are always a welcome change:

1. Cat transport

A happy new cat father and his cute protégé.

2. Everyone slumbers in their own way

Neither of them could keep their eyes open any longer.

On the train to Manchester

3. The best flight ever

If the pilot is beaming with joy at the unusual passenger, then there is a penguin on board.

You saw penguins on a plane? My papps was flying it

4. Above the clouds

The little dog is wholeheartedly involved.

Puppy on his first flight

5. Be like Bentley

This is Bentley. Bentley was such a good passenger that he was even allowed to visit the pilot.

Bentley got to meet the Captain after our flight home last night!

6. Four animals on the move

Four koala bears had to go on a long journey and the flight attendant had the fun of her life.

7. It lives up to its name

“This is Athena. It is her first trip, she is still nervous, but is holding up very bravely. “

8. Best friends

As long as he has his cuddly toy with him, he is relaxed on every trip.

9. You have to smile back

Someone wants to make new friends along the way. Hi!

I asked to be seated next to the cutest guy on the plane

10. Next station: Nevermore

There’s nothing to see here. Just a woman and her raven taking the subway.

11. Respectful distance

The coyote does not need company. The coyote just doesn’t feel like walking today.

12. The calm itself

The pilot has a very relaxed hangover and the hangover comes along.

This is how Desmond sleeps on a plane

13. A beak length ahead of everyone

The emotional support goose copes well with the journey.

14. Turned upside down

This friendly backpacker likes to change perspective.

ǝɹǝɥʇ ᴉɥ

15. Hopefully it won’t spit

A llama on the subway. Those who weren’t there are always jealous.

For example, if you want to book your flight with your dog, you should find out in advance what you can do to make the unfamiliar situation as relaxed as possible for your four-legged friend. In this way, the best friend can then be the most pleasant passenger that the flight crew has ever experienced.

Flying with animals seems easier than some worried pet owners imagine. Animals are often just excited and insecure on the go, but once they get used to being on a long journey, they suddenly find it exciting and enjoy the adventure.

Thumbnails: ©Twitter / Bodega Cats

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