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15 absurd things given away for Valentine’s Day

15 absurd things given away for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a very special holiday for many couples, on which they can celebrate themselves and their love. Flowers and chocolate are classics among gifts. While some people who are in love “only” write greeting cards, others open bigger guns.

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The following list shows creative and fun gifts and messages created by romantics of a different kind.

1. My father bought asparagus for my mother. He thought they were daffodils.

2. “Yesterday I prepared this teddy bear gift for my girlfriend and today it looks like this …”

Prepared a teddy bear gift yesterday for my gf, and now it looks like this from r / funny

3. “Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you had a nice day at work. How about a romantic film by candlelight ?! – I’m just kidding. There’s beer in the fridge. Wake me up if you want to have sex!

My husband’s going to love his Valentines Day surprise. from r / funny

4. “My wife and I are saving up for a house, so there were no presents on Valentine’s Day. I still wanted to surprise you with something that day! “

5. “My fiancé gave me his Valentine’s Day present as a sign of our long and strong relationship.”

© Imgur

6. “I tolerate you.”

My friend made this for her husband from r / funny

7. “My Valentine’s Day present for my wife has just arrived.”

8. “My girlfriend was on a business trip and as a surprise she ordered a heart-shaped pizza for me from the pizza service.” The box says: “We tried it.”

9. “Do you want to be my Valentine? – That was a rhetorical question, you have no choice because we are married. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Found a pretty sweet Valentine’s Day card for the husband from r / funny

10. “My sister made this ‘bouquet’ for her boyfriend.”

Sister made this for her boyfriend. It’s a “bro” quet from r / pics

11. “I hate everyone who is not you.”

My friend makes greetings cards. I asked her to make me a Valentine for my GF to let her know exactly how I feel. She sent me this … from r / funny

12. “When your girlfriend gives you a Valentine’s Day present.”

Concern 100 from r / AreTheStraightsOK

13. A 24-carat necklace, uh, carrots.

18 carrot necklace from r / funny

14. “Stalker is a very powerful expression. I prefer Valentin. “

15. “My love is like a candle: if you forget me, I will burn your house down!”

Some of the gifts and cards are really imaginative. While they make outsiders laugh, it means a hell of a lot to loved ones. And humor is also an important part of a happy relationship!

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