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14 uses for plastic boxes you never thought of

14 uses for plastic boxes you never thought of

Storage containers made of plastic are robust, can be reused and cost little. They can also be used in the bedroom, children’s room, kitchen, garage and just about any other area in the house. Unfortunately, they have the disadvantage that they are often not very nice to look at and that you want to hide them.

DIY and upcycling friends, take note: Here are ideas for building your own furniture. (Scroll down to the article.)

But as versatile as they are in use, there are so many ways to embellish and modify them. Not only can stools and shoe cabinets be made from them, they are also suitable as decorative storage containers for kitchen utensils.

So take a look at these 14 decoration ideas with plastic boxes. They will surely inspire you.

1. Underbed cabinet

There is plenty of space under the bed to store things. With a simple plastic box, a few rollers and a handle, you can quickly make an under-bed cabinet that doesn’t cost much. So you can stow everything to save space and have it quickly to hand.

2. Garden bench with storage space

Garden furniture with storage space can often be very expensive. For anyone on a tight budget, this idea is simply brilliant. Use simple storage boxes with lids and, with a little skill, turn them into chic seating for the garden or terrace. They look good, have plenty of storage space for all sorts of things that you don’t need that often, and nobody would suspect at first glance that these are plastic boxes.

3. Dressing table

Having your own dressing table is a dream for many young girls. However, such a table can sometimes be very expensive. Before you spend a fortune, grab a wooden board and a couple of drawer or roll containers that are often used in the garage and make your own dressing table. The picture can serve as inspiration for you.

4. Shoe rack

This idea works especially well for families with lots of shoes. Instead of shoe cabinets, use plastic waste paper baskets that you attach to the wall. They offer much more storage space and still bring order to the shoe chaos in the hallway.

5. Water feature in the garden

Water games in the garden are a great eye-catcher. If you want to save a few euros, you can make your own garden decoration with just a few materials and a simple plastic box.

6. Cat tower

Cats love to sit elevated and have a good view of their realm. If you want to let your own creativity run free and don’t want to buy a standard scratching post, you can easily make a great cat tower out of storage boxes for your house tiger.

7. Upholstered seat

In addition to seating for the garden, with a little skill you can also make beautiful stools and seats from plastic boxes for the apartment. These have several advantages as they are inexpensive, provide additional storage space, provide seating for guests and can be turned into decorative furniture.

8. Toy box

Large plastic storage boxes are a good way to create order in the nursery. So that they don’t look so boring, you can decorate them according to your wishes. Cover them with fabric, for example, and attach rolls to them. This makes it even easier for your child to put away their toys.

9. Litter box

Litter boxes can also be made from simple plastic boxes with lids. To do this, cut a hole in the lid that your cat can fit through and fill the box with the cat litter. This will give your cat a safe place to do their business and the litter will no longer be scattered around the home.

10. Snack train

Kids love snacks and this cute train made out of plastic containers is perfect for their next birthday party. Everyone will be happy to help.

11. Ribbon box

Simple plastic storage boxes are also great for sorting ribbon bows. To do this, pierce holes in the walls of the box with a hot needle and stick wooden sticks into them, onto which you can then properly “thread” the ribbon.

12. Plant box

Growing your own food is extremely sustainable. However, if you don’t have a large garden or even just a small balcony, this idea is the right one. Buy a few simple plastic boxes and fill them with potting soil. You can then plant flowers or your favorite vegetables in these. An absolutely space-saving solution that is also easy on your wallet.

13. Storage container for kitchen utensils

Here’s an idea that will knock your socks off. With these decorative holders for utensils one would never guess that they were originally simple, transparent plastic boxes. With a little ingenuity, they can become great storage containers for kitchen utensils, pens, and other items.

14. Wall shelves

Thanks to this ingenious idea, you don’t have to sacrifice valuable floor space to create storage space. Hang transparent plastic containers or boxes on the wall and use them in the hallway for your children’s hats, scarves and gloves. In this way, everyone always knows where to find something and everything is neatly packed.

The advantages of plastic storage boxes are obvious: They are inexpensive, durable and just incredibly versatile. And with the right ideas, they can even become real eye-catchers in the home.

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