14 strange phenomena of our planet

14 strange phenomena of our planet

With the help of science and research, humans can explain much of what goes on on earth. However, there are some cases that leave science in the dark, or phenomena, the origin of which can be explained, but which are nevertheless so impressive that one has to be amazed over and over again.

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The fascinating nature shows itself and its power in many ways. Perhaps also a little to put mankind who believes in progress and who often carelessly deals with their environment in their place. After all, we are all just guests on this beautiful and mysterious planet.

1. The mysterious mud of Nanjing

This foul smelling stuff started oozing out of a Chinese street the other day. No one knows what it is yet. from r / WTF

In 2013, something very strange happened in the Chinese city of Nanjing. In the middle of a busy road, an approx. 1 cm wide crack formed in the asphalt and white foam oozed out of the hole. Not only the foam worried the shocked witnesses of this incident, but also the pungent smell of the substance. However, the really crazy followed a few minutes later, because as quickly as the foam had appeared, it also disappeared again. Officially, the government tried to explain the incident as a flooding of a nearby subway construction site. To this day, the witnesses of this incident do not really want to believe this statement. Either way, he remains mysterious.

2. The sea glow of Hong Kong

pin lights

The mysterious blue glow in the waters off Hong Kong’s coast was first discovered in 2015. The reason for the glaring underwater light off the coast is the accumulation of various microorganisms that make the water glow with their bioluminescence. What seems beautiful to the viewer and like a miracle of nature is in truth a cry for help from nature. Marine biologists explain that the glow is based on pollution of the reef. The sea glow is only triggered by certain stimuli and that could be a strong environmental impact from the big city.

3. The bent trees in Gryfino

pin trees

When the inhabitants of the Polish town of Gryfino planted around 400 pine trees just outside the town in 1930, they did not think that this forest would one day become famous. The trees are truly mysterious: no one can explain why most of the trunks did not grow perpendicular to the sky, but rather bent over the years and only then stretched towards the sky. This fact turns this pine forest into an enchanted scenery from a fantasy novel.

4. The ice hole in Antarctica


The polar explorers were amazed when they discovered a nearly 78 square kilometer hole in the middle of the Antarctic ice landscape in October 2017. This rare phenomenon, which is called polynya, is caused by warm sea water, which rises up a thinner part of the ice and thus forms a hole.

5. The desert rose

The so-called Desert Rose, which the singer Sting sang so fondly, is actually not a prickly plant, but a rock. It is a combination of salt crystals and sand and occurs in very dry regions. Since it sometimes takes the form of an unfolded flower, it has been blessed with this flowery name.

6. The hum in Taos

Taos in the US state of New Mexico was a perfectly normal desert town until something suddenly changed in the 1990s. Of the approximately 5,000 inhabitants, around 2 percent heard a conspicuous buzz over and over again. The funny thing about it: It gets louder as soon as you are in a closed room. Despite psychological and scientific research, the phenomenon cannot be explained to this day. Some residents believe that there is a top-secret government project going on nearby that deals with high radio frequencies. Therefore, only a few residents can perceive it.

7. The red rain of Kerala


As if the sky were bleeding: This thought occurred to the people in the Indian state of Kerala in 2001, when suddenly red rain fell from the sky. The clothes of the people turned pink and it was assumed that a meteorite impact or something similar was responsible for this eerie incident. In fact, the phenomenon could be explained by tiny particles of algae in the air that were washed onto the earth with the rain. Similar incidents have occurred in Sri Lanka and other parts of India.

8. The underwater waterfall in Mauritius

Underwater waterfall

An underwater waterfall falls into the depths of the sea off the coast of the Mauritius archipelago or so it seems. What looks like the entrance to another world is in truth an almost boringly explained phenomenon. What you see from a bird’s eye view is just sand washed up on a plateau in front of the island. So unfortunately no time portal to another epoch or parallel world.

9. The blue volcano of Ijen


The color blue is often associated with cold. The Indonesian volcano Ijen cleared up this mistake. Because the blue lava that pours out of the volcano is anything but cool. The color arises when gases rise to the surface in addition to the magma and burn there in the air at approx. 360 ° C.

10. The eye of the Sahara


The so-called “Eye of the Sahara” was previously mistaken for the remains of an asteroid impact, as it has an almost round shape. However, scientists have now found out that the rock formation with a diameter of about 40 kilometers in the middle of the desert has formed over the years through oxidation. Stones and minerals reacted with the air and created interesting shapes.

11. The bloodfalls of Antarctica

The Antarctic is usually imagined completely white. It was all the more shocking when researchers discovered the so-called Blood Falls at the beginning of the 20th century. The Australian researcher Griffith Taylor finally found the explanation for this phenomenon in 1911. The red color is caused by the oxidation of zinc in the salt water of the ocean.

12. The living stone


With this “stone” everything is not what it seems. Firstly, it is not a stone, but marine life, and secondly, it is a special feature that only occurs on the coasts of Chile. Equipped without a brain or organic sensors, the Pyura chilensis glides through the water and looks deceptively like a real stone.

13. The rainbow mountains in China


What looks like an expressionist painting is actually a photo from the Chinese province of Zhangye Danxia. This area was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2009. The landscape gets its bright color from minerals that change color when exposed to the air.

14. A thunderstorm over a volcano

Lightning engulfs a volcanic eruption in Chile (High resolution)

This apocalyptic scene is not a special effect from a movie, it was actually shot in Chile. The ash particles from the erupting volcano mixed with the clouds above and a thunderstorm formed. What is not an uncommon phenomenon during a volcanic eruption, however, turned into a ride in hell that the Chilean government had the people in the region evacuated.

The violence and the power of nature are unfathomable. Even if one now has an explanation for many phenomena, they are still no less poignant and sometimes intimidating.

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