14 people imitate haute couture with everyday objects

14 people imitate haute couture with everyday objects

It is said that one stimulates one’s creativity through limitation. If that’s true, then the Corona crisis and the associated exit restrictions have increased general creativity many times over.

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At least they have given countless people enough leisure to be creative, as the following pictures show. These quarantine fighters did not put their hands on their laps, but imitated haute couture dresses with everyday objects:

1. You can hardly tell a difference.

2. Almost like a sleeping bag.

3. Might, but should not be eaten after use.

4. You don’t have to throw away old curtains.

5. The same can be said about garbage bags.

6. Not from cardboard.

7. It is difficult to tell which is haute couture and which is imitation.

8. “The white shirt tails are my daughter’s bed nests.”

9. Really chic!

10. Can either of them really play the guitar?

11. Somehow you have to pass the time.

12. Two walking bouquets of flowers.

13. Colorful.

14. In both outfits you would attract attention in traffic.

Haute couture does not only take place on the catwalks of the fashion capitals, as you can see! Obviously, the adage that necessity is inventive is true.

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