14 optical illusions

14 optical illusions

While some animal species such as moles get by with poor visual performance, the eyes are vital for humans. There is a very high probability that a blind person would be doomed if he had to survive in the wilderness on his own.

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Nevertheless, nobody should completely trust their eyes, because sometimes they too mislead their owner. This is proven by the following pictures. Nothing is moving here, nor is the first impression always the truth:

1. Do you see the sleeping woman? A little tip: don’t confuse your nose with your chin.


2. It seems to move like a ferris wheel, while it stands still.


3. One look into the circle and everything starts to tremble.


4. Hard to believe: These are concentric circles, it is not a spiral!

5. In fact, the red lines in both hearts are the same shade.

Since we’re doing optical illusions, both of these hearts are the same shade of RED. from r / blackmagicfuckery

6. How many black dots do you see?

7.Nothing actually moves …

8. No, this cup is not curved inward.

Cup illusion [512*512] from r / illusionporn

9. Look at the cross in the middle for 30 seconds and see what happens.

10. There is no spiral to be seen here either! There are several circles that do not touch each other. Maybe you should trace them with your mouse pointer.

11. The lines are actually straight, but our eyes cannot see it.

12. Either this is a dangerous interior design or a good optical illusion.


13. The gateway to another dimension.


14. It doesn’t stop moving!


Yes, eyesight – or the processing of information in the brain – sometimes lets everyone down and leads them to believe that things are not what they seem. Therefore, a healthy dose of skepticism is always appropriate – even if you have seen something with your own eyes.

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