14 interesting and funny pictures of animals with muscles

14 interesting and funny pictures of animals with muscles

The body cult is on the advance: fitness studios are open around the clock, nutrition guides go like hot cakes (or cool protein shakes) and even supermarkets and drugstores now have protein powder and sports nutrition in their range. Not so long ago, nobody except Arnold Schwarzenegger knew what a “leg press” was – nowadays every amateur athlete with an Instagram account is a self-proclaimed fitness guru. You could almost think that without a six-pack and a bull’s neck you won’t be taken seriously anymore.

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Many a hobby pumper forgets that muscles are not just “disco crowd”, but have a practical use. What use is a 40 cm bicep circumference if you end up parking your bulky upper arms on your desk for 8 hours a day? The following animals, however, still know what their muscles are actually good for. And unlike us bipeds, they don’t need a fitness club or steroids for their bodybuilder look.

1. This Whippet owes its muscle mountains to a genetic anomaly.

2. A genetic mutation also causes muscles to grow in the cattle breed “White-Blue Belgians”.

3. Kangaroo “Roger” became a world star thanks to his athletic appearance and fiery temperament.

4. This chimpanzee appears to spend more time on the weight bench than on trees.

5. A farmer in Cambodia raised these muscular pigs.

6. This fox owes its “upper arms” to an optical illusion.

7. Kitty comes back from the fitty.

8. You don’t want to meet this gorilla in the dark.

9. Tired kitty or sore muscles – it’s all a matter of perspective.

10. Despite a vegan diet: This giraffe bull is a real muscleman.

11. “My secret? Fetch dumbbells instead of fetching sticks! “

12. Six pack thanks to the nut diet.

13. In the cage it is called the “muscle mountain from Hamsterdam”.

14. That this Mucki horse can still run at all …

You can almost get jealous. Even if a sporty appearance is certainly not to be despised: Many a hobby athlete would do well to train the gray cells between the ears just as intensively as their upper arms. Otherwise the animal world will soon catch up with us in terms of intelligence …

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