14 heartwarming dog photos

14 heartwarming dog photos

If there is one thing that connects adults and children, it is the love of dogs. From cute puppies to heather gray fur noses – dogs touch the hearts of their big and small people in different ways.

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The following pictures are heartwarming evidence of this fact. Not only passionate dog lovers or pet owners these photos will surely sweeten the day:

1. “I can’t say ‘no’ to my dog. Whenever I do it, he does it and I feel bad. “

2. “Where has the time gone?”

Where does the time go? from r / aww

3. “I was just having a bad day when this dog just sat down next to me at the bus stop and wanted to be petted. After that the day was good. “

I was having a bad day and this dog walked to my bus stop, sat on the bench and asked me for pets. I’m now having a good day. from r / aww

4. “My ninety-year-old neighbor has not walked her dog in years. That’s why I did it willingly. I’m so proud of Buddy’s weight loss. “

My 90yo neighbor hasn’t walked her dog in years so I volunteered to do it for her. So proud of Buddy’s weight loss !!! from r / aww

5. “My future husband and my dog ​​are of one heart and one soul.”

My husband-to-be and my doggo have this great thing going on. from r / aww

6. “My dog ​​is fifteen years old and wanted to go to the park. Because she is no longer quite fit, I brought her here. Arrived in the park, she sat there and enjoyed the sun. I love her infinitely. “

My little girl who is 15 years old wanted to go to the park today, she’s a bit too old so I carried her down there, when we got there this is how she sat enjoying the sunshine. Love her to bits! from r / aww

7. “I live on a farm. There is a problem with the chickens there because they all want to stay in the same pen. They must therefore always be driven apart. Your dog recently made himself comfortable there too. “

8. “I do volunteer work in an animal shelter. We love getting news from dogs we have been able to convey. In this picture you can see a former fur nose of ours in her new home. That put a smile on my face. “

I volunteer for a dog rescue, we love seeing updates of the dogs in their new homes. This one made me smile! from r / aww

9. “A dog rescued from a fire became a fire-fighting dog itself.”

A Puppy Saved From A Fire Becomes A Firefighter from r / aww

10. “Hig is always sitting on the stairs and yelling around until I open the door and pay him attention. By the way, Hig is not my dog. “

Hig will sit on my steps and howl until I open the door and acknowledge him. So Hig is not my dog. from r / aww

11. “I was on my way to a concert when something jumped in front of my car. Needless to say, I missed the concert and am now blessed with a puppy. “

Headed to a concert last night when something ran in front of my car. Needless to say I missed the concert and now have a new dog. from r / aww

12. “The moment when your dog, believed dead, appears in the smoldering ruin.”

The moment your dog comes out of the fire you thought he died in. From r / pics

13. “I found this pup near the oil fields in west Texas. I named him Dobby. “

Puppy I found in the oilfields of West Texas. Named him Dobby from r / aww

14. “My two cuties were separated for over two years because of my divorce. My ex-husband left my nine-year-old boy to me today! “

My boys were separated for two years due to a divorce. My ex agreed today that I can keep my 9 year old boy !!! from r / aww

It really warms your heart! As you can see, these masters and their loyal four-legged friends are extremely lucky.

Thumbnail: ©Twitter / GrizzlySZN

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