14 funny pictures of cats

14 funny pictures of cats

Anyone who is lucky enough to have a cat let them live with them at home (because cat lovers know that it is never the other way around) knows the moments when their beloved four-legged friends make us laugh, cry or be amazed.

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If you have a cat, every day brings a new surprise. Not always a good one (dead mice on the pillow may be nice, but horrible nonetheless), but it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that it never gets boring.

1. Toilet habits are a very private matter.

Comfort level: cat

2. Actually, the little kitten should only stay temporarily. But the resident cat decided otherwise.

well was looking for a forever home for this stray kitten but the other cat has spoken, the dog also has has no more bed lol. from r / aww

3. A dog hat or a cat bed?

Cat Hat from r / aww

4. Camping with a cat.

Camping with the cat. from r / pics

5. Just found in the bushes: the new roommate.

Found this little guy in the bushes at the airport. Missed my flight just to take him back home. from r / aww

6. “This cat looks like he’s a powerful wizard.”

This cat looks like an ancient and powerful wizard. from r / aww

7. “My friend’s cat always sits there and is just angry with you.”

My friend’s cat just sits there and judges you. from r / aww

8. A cat and her kitten.

Perfect little Mini Me from r / aww

9. What a terrific cat bed!

My friend has a hammock for their cat from r / aww

10. He’s afraid of this tiny guy. He’s a smart dog.

My 85 lb dog is scared of my sister’s 1.5 lb foster kitten from r / aww

11. The blind cat informs that his bowl is empty.

My blind cat Winnie letting me know she needs water .. from r / aww

12. Neighbor’s cat doesn’t like us.

My neighbor’s cat regularly comes over to disapprove of us from r / aww

13. “That’s how she sits every time.”

14. Cool cats don’t look around when something happens behind them.

Cool guys don’t look at explosions from r / aww

Just laughable. Cheers to the idiosyncratic velvet paws and their ever new plans for the day! These pictures show even more cats straining their laughing muscles.

Thumbnails: © Imgur / Axeeel © Reddit / subterfug3

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