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14 clever cleaning tricks that quickly ensure cleanliness

14 clever cleaning tricks that quickly ensure cleanliness

Nothing takes up so much unnecessary time as cleaning your own four walls. The worst part, however, is that the process also has to be repeated weekly. So that you don’t waste your time any further, we will show you 14 clever cleaning tricks with which you can get every little corner in your apartment sparkling clean in seconds.

Looking for inspiration? Here you can find tried and tested home remedies and more. (Scroll down to the article.)

1. Kitchen paper dipped in vinegar against calcified fittings

Kitchen paper dipped in vinegar helps against calcified fittings. Simply wrap it around the faucets and let it sit for about 30 to 60 minutes. If you then polish it with a dry cloth, the limescale stains are finally a thing of the past.

2. Baby oil for shiny fittings

You can use some baby oil for a very special shine on your fittings. Put a few drops on a cotton wool pad and wipe the fittings thoroughly with it – and they’ll look brand new again!

3. Bleach against stubborn edges in the bathtub

Although bleach is not used quite as often for cleaning in Germany, Americans swear by it. Soak a little cotton wool in bleach (with appropriate gloves of course!) And place it on the stubborn dark edges in the bathtub. Leave it on overnight and rinse the bathtub properly the next morning. The stains will be gone as if by magic!

4. Mixture of vinegar and water against dirty mirrors

Mirrors get dirty quickly. However, they can be cleaned just as quickly with a mixture of vinegar and water. Spray the mirror with it and clean it with a cloth as usual. You have never seen yourself in it so clearly!

5. Lemon against rust

To remove rust stains, all you have to do is cut a lemon in half and rub it on the appropriate spot. The acid really declares war on the rust! Then you should just rinse the item with a little water.

6. Mop against dusty walls

Dusty walls? Instead of reaching for the heavy vacuum cleaner, all you have to do is pick up your mop. Make sure, however, that the cleaning cover is dry before you touch the walls with it – to remove the dust but not to encourage the formation of mold.

7. Bristle brush against dirty shower partitions

A bristle brush is ideal for removing soap residue and limescale from shower walls. To do this, spray cleaning agent on the surface as usual and work it in with the hard brush. Then the shower wall just needs to be rinsed with water and dried with a cloth.

8. Toothbrush for cleaning handles

Cabinet handles are often forgotten when cleaning. And that despite the fact that so many germs collect on them. However, you can really declare war on them with a toothbrush. To do this, dip them in oily soap and thoroughly scrub the handles with it. This not only removes all sorts of germs and bacteria, but also lets the handles shine in new splendor.

9. Combat oil with oil

Stubborn oil residues like the one on the extractor hood are particularly stressful on the nerves. But have you ever tried to fight oil with oil? After all, it is not without reason that you learn in chemistry class that like dissolves in like. So drizzle a few drops of vegetable oil onto kitchen paper and use it to work on the greasy areas. Then go over it again briefly with soap and water to remove the last residue.

10. A rag wrapped around a knife against dusty ventilation grilles and slats

It is annoying to see how much dust accumulates on the ventilation grille or other louvers. Because getting there is usually difficult. But not with the following trick: wrap a damp cloth around a knife and push it through the individual slots. The dust will then stick to the rag, leaving a clean grid in the end.

11. Lemon and salt against dirty cutting boards

Lemon is the Home remedies par excellence. Combined with salt, it makes the germinated cutting board look like new. Simply sprinkle salt on the board and work it in with a halved lemon. This not only disinfects the surface, but also leaves a pleasant smell.

12. Shoe polish for leather furniture

Shoe polish is not only wonderfully suitable for your leather shoes, but also for your leather furniture. Just apply it to the spots that are scratched or that you think need a freshening up and your piece of furniture will look brand new.

13. A rag and tong construction against dirty blinds

Hand on heart: When was the last time you cleaned your blinds? With a pair of grill tongs, you can do this in a matter of seconds! Place a rag around each gripper and secure it with a rubber band. Then use it to grab the individual slats of the blind and run this construction along it to remove the dust.

14. Lint roller against dust on lampshades

A lot of dust also collects on lampshades, which is difficult to remove. But if you go along with a lint roller, the dust simply sticks to it. It really doesn’t get any faster!

Who would have thought that conventional cooking oil, barbecue tongs or even a knife could help you clean your apartment in seconds? You can now finally invest the time otherwise wasted cleaning for hours in more meaningful activities!

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