14 children who are their parents’ doppelgangers

14 children who are their parents’ doppelgangers

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree: With many children you can see at first glance the strong resemblance to their “parents”.

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But if you first put old children’s photos of the parents next to those of their offspring of the same age, you sometimes literally believe that you have twins in front of you! These daughters and sons are true doppelgangers of their parents:

1. Like a blueprint.

2. “My husband and my daughter are the same age.”

3. “My husband and my son at the age of 25.”

4. Mother and son as babies.

5. The son inherited not only dad’s looks, but also his smart vest.

6. What, shouldn’t that be one and the same child?

7. Twins or Father and Son?

8. A lot has also been inherited from the grandfather generation.

9. There are 36 years between these fathers.

10. A journey through time to the 80s.

11. “I look like my grandpa when he was young.”

I look exactly like my grandfather when he was my age. from r / mildlyinteresting

12. A distinctive chin runs in the family.

13. “My father and his friend 30 years ago. And me and his son today. “

14. Only the Frisian was not inherited.

Inheritance can be so vivid: These children really look like their parents’ blueprints.

Sometimes, however, the genes skip a generation: In this series of pictures you will find granddaughters and grandchildren who are like the faces of their grandparents.

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