14 cat owners who do everything for their pampered cat

14 cat owners who do everything for their pampered cat

Many cat owners would do anything for their cat and spoil them to the line and thread. The following 14 pictures show that this obviously goes to the head of some house tigers.

Because here the cat of the house makes no secret of who the world revolves around, and it knows exactly how to wrap a master or mistress around her little finger to get everything she wants. But can you really be angry with her?

1. Because she likes to watch the garbage collection, this spoiled cat is carried on hands by her mistress.

She likes to watch the bin men, but can’t see out by herself. from r / cats

2. “We just moved in and our cat has more toys than we have furniture.”

Have you ever seen a more spoiled cat? We just moved into our new place and he has more toys than we have furniture. from r / cats

3. This pampered cat wants to express that there is no getting around it.

Trying to make me fall down the stairs with her floofy belly from r / CatsAreAssholes

4. The domestic house tiger is the only true cuddly toy.

After the 10th time of putting them back up from r / CatsAreAssholes

5. The table is taboo, but you can test the limits.

He’s not allowed on the table. from r / CatsAreAssholes

6. “I stopped petting her. That is the thanks … “

My sweatpants … from r / CatsBitingThings

7. An own designer sofa is probably the least for the spoiled cat of the world.

My spoiled cat has a couch before I do. from r / aww

8. “It fell between my legs, holds me captive for hours.”

She fell between my legs, trapping me for hours from r / TuxedoCats

9. Some cat owners spare no effort, like this one who has built his own pavilion for his house tiger.

These 24 craft ideas for cats offer further inspiration.

I made a gazebo for my cat! She’s so spoiled I love her from r / cats

10. Another cat owner built a castle out of cardboard boxes for his darlings.

An idea that fits seamlessly into these 10 tricks for cats in the house.

DIY’ed a tower for my cats from amazon’s boxes. I think they enjoy it! from r / cats

11. Forget the cat basket or bed, the remote control is still the most comfortable. And as long as the house cat likes the program, there is no reason to switch.

From all comfy spots on the bed and on his bed (in the background), he always chooses to lay on the remote controls … from r / CatsAreAssholes

12. By definition, having fun is not possible without me, this pampered cat thinks to herself.

Having fun without me? Illegall from r / CatsAreAssholes

13. Not only humans but also dogs have to learn where their place is.

The definition of this sub from r / CatsAreAssholes

14. “I have to stroke him every time before I can go to the bathroom.”

I have to pet him before I can go to the toilet. Every. Single. Time. from r / CatsAreAssholes

An old television series is entitled: “Who’s the boss here?” For the cat owners seen here, the answer is obvious: the cat, of course. These 14 situations in which cats are little “assholes” also prove that these are not exceptions.

And how the spoiled house cats react when something does not go according to their will is shown by these 16 drama cats, who make quite a fuss, as well as these other 13 drama cats, who are dissatisfied with the overall situation.

Thumbnail: © reddit / british-boondog

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