14 animals that have placed themselves in an unfavorable position

14 animals that have placed themselves in an unfavorable position

Most four-legged friends radiate an incomparable calm, which makes them appear graceful and graceful. However, this appearance does not prevent the fur noses from putting one or the other extremely questionable idea into practice, only to then fail miserably.

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Well, a dutiful pet owner will of course free his dearest fur friend from an extremely awkward, albeit embarrassing, situation – but not without first taking an amusing photo of evidence:

1. Probably not a nap on the hammock today.

“I’ve made a terrible mistake”

2. Four-legged friends with a preference for seal, uh, role-playing games.

3. It looked cozier than it really is.

CAT GETS FUcKiNg TrApPeD IN PLaSTIc CAGe from r / PeopleFuckingDying

4. I wasn’t.

5. Which door around my neck? I do not know what you mean.

6. I’m just hanging around here.

Don’t ask but yes I could use some help.

7. Cat worms.

PsBattle: Cat in a sock

8. Go through the open gate? Anyone can …

Finley loved this so much that she did it 3 more times! from r / DWASBPEIF

9. I swear the hole came first.

Found my dog ​​like this, She ate through her bed and got herself caught. from r / funny

10. Escape attempt No. 1046.

So close to freedom

11. Innovative draft stopper.

Left suit on floor. Woke up to this.

12. When a cat sticks its nose into strange matters.

Here’s a picture of my silly cat. If Imgur likes I’ll post more.

13. Head through the door.

My friends dog got his head stuck in the cat flap and pulled it off

14. Stop the fuck taking photos of me and please help me!

Luckily there were two-legged people on site, these unlucky ones certainly could not have freed themselves from their predicament, into which they maneuvered themselves in their inimitable way. You just have to love these clumsy guys!

Thumbnails: © Imgur / TheDonCuffy © Reddit / NowYouSeeMe1233

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