14 animals that have been adopted and are happy now

14 animals that have been adopted and are happy now

It is always a shame when animals are abandoned or have to wait in an overcrowded animal shelter to be adopted.

The best animal stories can be seen here! (Scroll down to the article.)

It is all the nicer when these animals finally find new owners, as in the case of the following 14 dogs and cats and a rabbit. You can see how happy they are and how comfortable they feel in their new surroundings.

1. She can’t wait to be taken care of.

Rescued good girl wants all the love from r / aww

2. His mom ate his ears. But in his new home everything will be done to ensure that he can cope without her.

Just rescued another bunny. Momma ate his ears so he’s now earless. Everyone meet Skip Evander-Holyfield from r / Rabbits

3. This cat has just been picked up. There can be tears of joy.

This cat was abandoned and this is his photo minutes after being rescued from r / MadeMeSmile

4. “This is Louie, our adopted 16 year old dog. He makes this face when there are treats. “

This is Louie, our adopted 16-year old pupper! He makes this face when he is about to get treats. from r / aww

5. “My best friend received a message that a ten month old dog should be euthanized in a few days if no one adopts him. He immediately got into the car and picked up Baloo. It was love at first sight. “

My best friend got a text saying that a 10 month old dog would be put down in a couple of days unless someone adopted him. Immidiately got in his car and picked up Baloo. They bonded at first sight from r / dogpictures

6. Cats can also simply relax in their new home.

Yesterday I adopted a kitten but I think they gave me a meerkat from r / aww

7. After five years in the shelter, the joy is great.

He spent 5 years in a rescue shelter. I will make sure he has the best 5 years with us from now on. from r / aww

8. At that time starved and mangy, today healthy, fluffy and happy.

Lucia was skinny and mangy and naked and itchy and scared when rescued from a hoarder. Now she’s fluffy and happy and dare I say it a bit plump. Rescued by Good Karma in Florida from r / BeforeNAfterAdoption

9. “This is Arietty, patiently waiting for me to throw her toys. I am slowly getting the impression that we have actually adopted a dog. “

This is little Arietty, patiently waiting for me to throw her toy. I am starting to suspect that we may have adopted a doggo! from r / aww

10. This dog already adores its new owner on the way back from the animal shelter.

Just adopted this dude. His name is Tucker and he is good boye. from r / rarepuppers

11. A still anxious dog who puts toys in his mouth out of habit.

Golden Retriever rescue with a lot of anxiety – he likes to just hold toys in his mouth so I had to get him this one. It’s too damn cute ❤️ from r / aww

12. On the way home from the shelter. The anticipation of the new home could hardly be greater.

Finn’s loving life after being adopted yesterday! Took this photo before the drive home. from r / PuppySmiles

13. “We adopted a dog today. He’s scared of the car because he thinks we’ll take him back to the shelter. But he loves the time in bed. “

We adopted a puppy today. He’s terrified of the car because he thinks we’re taking him back to the shelter. But he loved bedtime. from r / aww

14. “We have adopted two cats. My husband was a little worried about whether they would get along with our dog. He is no longer concerned. “

We adopted a pair of kittens today. My husband was a little worried about how they’d do with our dog .. He’s no longer concerned. from r / aww

Nice to see that these people and animals have found each other to lead a happy life together. Sometimes people and animals come together in very unusual ways, and these 10 stories tell of how people got to their dogs.

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These 16 before-and-after pictures of adopted dogs as well as these 16 before-and-after pictures of adopted cats prove the same very impressively.

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