14 adults laughing at their children’s photos

14 adults laughing at their children’s photos

A look at old photo albums is enough for a journey back in time. But with so many snapshots from childhood or teenage years, you want to clap your hands over your head in retrospect: what were you thinking?

Fancy some really fun videos? (Scroll down to the article.)

In any case, these 14 adults had to laugh so hard at the old self that they shared the photos from earlier on the online platform Reddit – to the delight of everyone who likes to have something to laugh about:

1. Puberty worked wonders.

2. “It was ‘opposite day’ at my school and I was the only one to dress up as a girl.”

It was “Opposite Day” at school in 2005, most people wore black and white or something .. I decide to dress as a girl .. I lived in a small town in Idaho. It didn’t go over well. from r / blunderyears

3. “I was in 8th grade and dressed up for a concert.”

8th grade me thought I was the shit, went like this to a Christian concert event. from r / blunderyears

4. “My husband and I met 20 years ago.”

Me and my husband being punk as FRICK almost 20 years ago (around the same time we met!) From r / blunderyears

5. “When I was 5 years old, I looked like a grumpy board member.”

6. “After begging my mother for ages, I was finally allowed to dye my hair at the age of 14 and was thrilled. Today I’m not sure why. “

My mom let me dye my hair when I was 14 after a lot of begging and I was very pleased with how it turned out. Looking back I’m not sure why … from r / blunderyears

7. “Around 2005. My girlfriend cut my hair.”

[2005ish] I’m the girl on the right. My friend, on the left, just cut my hair like that. Good old times. from r / blunderyears

8. “My mother won a cake-eating contest in the 50s.”

My mom winning the pie-eating contest in a coal-mining town ~ 1950. [OC] from r / OldSchoolCool

9. When you play an adult as a child.

Me and my looney tunes tie in 1996 from r / OldSchoolCool

10. “I thought it was cool to bring my guitar to the school photo shoot.”

Thought it would be cool to bring my guitar to my senior photo shoot. It wasn’t. from r / blunderyears

11. “I was 18. In the 90s, eyebrows weren’t much of a problem.”

My eighteen-year-old self. It was the 90s; eyebrows weren’t a thing. from r / blunderyears

12. “In 2007, I was 14 years old and I invented this haircut. Ouch!”

I designed that haircut. I think I was 14, circa 2007. Ouch. from r / blunderyears

13. “If you don’t have tattoos, you have to paint some! My 15 year old thought I was pretty cool. “

No tattoos? No worries! Just draw some on! 15 year old me thought I was the coolest kid on the block. 🤦‍♀️ from r / blunderyears

14. “I am finally emotionally stable enough to share this photo with the world.”

I think I’m finally emotionally ready to share this pic with the world from r / blunderyears

Snapshots that are easy to shoot! But if you sit in a glass house, you shouldn’t throw stones: After all, pretty much every one of us still has highly embarrassing photos from before under lock and key … Just like the photo pearls in this article that make you snort!

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