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13 simple and practical upcycling ideas

13 simple and practical upcycling ideas

To sensibly recycle old things that you no longer need – this idea is probably even older than the invention of the garbage can. There are countless ideas on how to transform broken things into decorative things, how to rebuild or repair them in such a way that they are then more useful than before.

Total upcycling: Here, waste becomes ideas. (Scroll down to the article.)

The following upcycling ideas are particularly impressive because they are incredibly simple and practical. Often what appears to be garbage becomes something new simply by giving it a new function. Let yourself be inspired and find many more things at home that, on closer inspection, are far too good to throw away!

1.) A mucked out oven grate …

… is still useful as a tie holder.

2.) Knee pads made from the sleeves of a broken rain jacket protect pants when you are gardening.

3.) A plastic bottle helps to pick apples.

4.) A whole row of wrapping paper rolls fits into an extra garment bag.

5.) The old garden rake still cuts a fine figure in the kitchen.

6.) It has never been shown to its best advantage: the disused ladder as a bookshelf.

7.) No cable chaos thanks to toilet roll.

8.) An oven grate can also be used as an improvised draining grid.

9.) In the age of the digital office you only need standing files as a cover collector.

10.) A practical aid for planting and repotting: custom-made scoops made from empty detergent bottles.

11.) Did you know how versatile you can still use lonely socks? This article brings together 16 ideas alone.

12.) Looks stylish: the coat hanger wardrobe. You can find even more ideas from clothes hangers here.

13.) A folding table to fold laundry. Hardly anyone thinks of a door that was rescued from the bulky waste.

Escalators don’t break. They become stairs. It is the same with many everyday objects. From plain PVC pipes to worn sweaters and plant pots to discarded slatted frames – if you only have the right ideas, you can make something out of almost anything. That saves money and protects the environment.

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