13 people who happened to meet a celebrity

13 people who happened to meet a celebrity

How do stars behave when they’re not in the spotlight or on the red carpet? Reddit user MellowStellow wanted to know that. He asked the question on the popular internet platform: “Who is the nicest celebrity encounter you’ve had?”

These videos will warm your heart. (Scroll down to the article.)

Several hundred people replied. They tell of their mostly unplanned encounters with Hollywood greats or other celebrities:

1. hooch, Sandra Bullock: “I was working alone one morning in a shop in the Pittsburgh airport. It wasn’t busy that day, no customers for an hour until they entered the shop. I sold her a charger. We then talked about Pittsburgh for five minutes. A very friendly lady. “


2. cyberrico, Robin Williams: “I was jogging in San Francisco in 1988 and saw Robin Williams relaxing in his van. I asked him how he was doing. He replied, ‘I’m doing great. And you? Are you running away from the police? ‘ I laughed and stopped to chat with him for five minutes. He was lovely. Such a nice memory. I cried when he died. “


3. waygook1284, Nelson Mandela: “Every year he held a Christmas party in his house for the poor children from the area where he grew up. My father worked for Coca Cola. Because the Nelsons sponsored free things for the kids, my family was always invited. He was very nice and always gave me ice cream. I called him Uncle Nelson. “


4. sean9217, Bryan Cranston: “I met him once at the Bellagio while on vacation in Las Vegas. I was a real fan and shouted: ‘My goodness, Heisenberg!’ Almost immediately he glared at me and came over to me. He muttered, ‘How dare you call me that? If people knew who I am, I wouldn’t be in this business. The next time you call me that, it’ll make a difference. ‘ Then he smiled and started laughing. We then talked about 10 minutes Breaking Bad. Then he gave me an autograph. I was so happy and asked him if he wanted to have a drink with us. But he politely declined because he was waiting for his wife and daughter. Cool guy!”


5. MentallyPsycho, Tim Burton: “I went to a Tim Burton autograph session. It was said that not everyone would be able to see him because of the crowd. Fortunately, I was far ahead in the queue. Tim was incredibly nice and constantly had to be reminded not to shake hands with everyone or talk to all of the fans because he had so little time. As a result, he was late for a private screening of one of his films. He was late because he made everyone in line see him. A really great guy. “


6. myeyeballhurts, Quentin Tarantino: “I met Quentin Tarantino in 2003 outside a record store in Hollywood. My ex and son are big fans. He stopped, chatted for a minute, and took a picture with us. My son later hung this photo on the wall in his dormitory and then always in his apartments. “


7. Mogey3, Whoopie Goldberg: “I met Whoopie Goldberg at a comic fair a few years ago. She interviewed cosplayers. She seemed genuinely interested in people’s characters and costumes and asked a lot of questions. She liked my Slenderman costume and took me out of the crowd to interview me. When it was all over and she set off with her people, I stammered: ‘Thank you, Ms. Goldberg!’ She stopped, turned around and said: ‘Please, whoopie is enough.’ “


8th. [deleted], Richard Gere: “A few years ago, when Richard Gere was dating Cindy Crawford, my wife was doing some daft temporary work that many aspiring models did back then. She distributed a few leaflets on the streets of Chicago. The wind whipped and blew all the flyers out of her hands. Richard Gere ran to her to help. When they were all picked up, he gave her a pile and said, ‘Don’t worry, it will be better.’ Then he showed his warm, charming smile and set off. “


9. MeanMrMustardSeed, Malcolm McDowell: “He was amazing. I was working in a small airport that he arrived at one day. I was from the movie at the time A clockwork orange obsessed. As he passed me, an allusion to his role in the film burst out of me. He laughed exuberantly for a minute or two and said that no one had quoted this line to him yet. I then talked to him about the film and the director Stanley Kubrick for about 30 minutes. Such a great guy. “


10. Jimdontcarrey, Christopher Eccleston: “I met Christopher Eccleston in a supermarket when he was the Dr. Who played. He told me that the time-space machine was parked in the parking lot, but I couldn’t tell anyone about it because he was on a secret mission. He gave me a 2 pound coin and was very nice. By the way, I was about eight years old. “


11. BryGuyGWD, Steven Spielberg: “I met Steven Spielberg on a street corner – far from Hollywood or New York – and he was so relaxed. I thought he’d want to get rid of me quickly, but actually he was chatting with me. Kate Capshaw took our picture. “


12. himynameisjoy, Mickey Rourke: “My sister approached him in a restaurant in New York. She said his bitch was very cute. He took the time to talk to her about his fur nose. He even offered my sister a puppy because his bitch had recently given birth. My sister explained that our parents did not allow a dog, even though she had wanted one for so long. Then Mickey came to our table and tried to get our parents to change their minds. He actually offered to personally pay for my sister’s dog. It was a really nice gesture. That’s why my sister’s dog is also called ‘Mickey’, even though she tells everyone else that it’s named after Mickey Mouse because she’s embarrassed about the story. “


13. thedreaminggoose, Daniel Radcliffe: “I met him in Vancouver, Canada when he was visiting the country once. At the time I was working in a bar he happened to walk into. Very chilled out guy. Some people took a picture with him. Unfortunately, I didn’t because I didn’t dare to ask. He didn’t seem to be off the beaten track and didn’t brag about his money either. He wore pretty simple clothes, a normal plaid shirt and jeans. “


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