13 people are doubles of their parents

13 people are doubles of their parents

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The following 15 examples show that this proverb has timeless validity, in which the family resemblance between children or grandchildren and their parents or grandparents is astonishingly striking.

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In particular, the family resemblance between generations with the same sex is always astonishing and shows how our genes are downright copied and pasted during inheritance.

1. She even inherited her taste in fashion from her grandmother.

2. Mother and daughter, each aged 25.

My mother and I, both age 25 from r / pics

3. Here it is difficult to deny that he is his father’s son.

4. Sometimes the family resemblance can also be seen in individual features, such as here in the gap in the right eyebrow that the great-great-grandfather already had.

I have a hereditary gap in my eyebrow from r / mildlyinteresting

5. “My daughter and I have the same dent on our forehead.”

My daughter and I have the same dimple in our foreheads. from r / mildlyinteresting

6. If one could mistake father and daughter for twins too.

7. The family resemblance is clearly recognizable.

9. A clear family resemblance between grandfather and grandson.

10. “Me and my mother. In the photo, she was 24, married and studying medicine. I, uh, live the life. lol ”

12. Like father like son.

Like father like son. Love you pops. from r / beards

13. The family resemblance is already clearly recognizable shortly after the birth.

My friends newborn baby was born with the same birthmark in her hair as her mother from r / interestingasfuck

14. On the left the father in 1978 and on the right the son 35 years later.

Happy Father’s Day! My dad in 1978, me in 2013 from r / pics

15. “My mother at her wedding and I at the prom. I love to look like my heroine. “

Even more family resemblance can be found in these 14 children who are the doppelgangers of their parents, in these 13 mothers and daughters who could be twins, and in these 17 grandchildren who are the likenesses of their grandparents.

The fact that people can look alike without being related to one another is proven by these 15 people who unexpectedly found their double, these 15 people who suddenly face their double, as well as these 22 people who met their historical double in paintings in the museum are.

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