12 unusual ideas for garden design

12 unusual ideas for garden design

Whether unusual bed borders, unusual planters or an original floor – a unique garden design sets your garden apart and makes it something very special. Creative, colorful ideas or recycling objects that have become useless can create unique works of art and decorations.

The best ideas for garden design are here. (Scroll down to the article.)

If you are the lucky owner of your own garden or terrace, these 12 extraordinary ideas might be just the thing, because they will give you lots of inspiration to follow.

1. River made of colored stones

This colorful river made of painted stones is a wonderful way to create an extra eye-catcher in the garden.

2. Luminous border

It often doesn’t take much to create a cozy atmosphere. Sometimes a simple tube of light is enough.

3. Chessboard

This creative chess board in the garden invites you to play on the one hand and is simply a great eye-catcher on the other.

4. Spilled flower pot

Magnificent flowers and plants flow out of the overturned flower pots and delight the eye with their fresh colors. The best thing about it: Plant containers of all kinds can be used for this unusual idea.

5. Flower boat

You can use an old canoe or boat for this unusual flower bed, or you can assemble your own boat from a few strips of wood. It is not only practical, but also a real eye-catcher.

6. Sidewalk made of tree grates

This specimen made from tree grates is an unusual idea for a garden path. Use wood of different sizes for this, this creates an even more natural look.

7. Colorful painters palette

This garden design idea is really original and something for the artist among gardeners.

8. Play room on wooden surface for the children

Simple wooden planks serve as a base for a great play area for children. Equipped with loungers and tables, it becomes a cozy lounge area in no time at all. The possibilities are endless.

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9. Stones as flowers

For those who neither have a green thumb nor a lot of time to take care of countless plants in the garden, flowers made of stones could be the perfect alternative. The colored stones definitely don’t require a lot of effort and care, but they still look great.

10. Plant animals as garden decorations

Animals made from plants are an absolute highlight as garden decorations. With a wire frame as a base, they can be planted according to your own wishes and put a smile on everyone’s face.

11. Planted fountain

Old stone fountains make your garden look like a castle park. For that certain something, decorate them with plants or beautiful lighting.

12. Border made of luminous stones

If you have a large garden, it often makes sense to divide it into different areas. Stones painted with luminous paint are a wonderful way to give structure to the garden. And the highlight: They glow in the dark.

Designing your own garden can sometimes be more difficult than expected if the right ideas are missing. Thanks to these 12 unusual inspirations, your garden will become a real eye-catcher. Do you feel inspired

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