12 unusual decorations from branches to make yourself

12 unusual decorations from branches to make yourself

Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for a wide variety of handicraft projects, because it offers a large amount of free handicraft materials from which something beautiful can be created. Branches and twigs can be used to decorate walls, tables and unsightly corners in the apartment. They also bring a natural flair to the apartment and are fun to do handicrafts with.

Do you want to give your apartment that certain something? Here you will find ideas and suggestions. (Scroll down to the article.)

Which branches you use for this depends entirely on your taste. Willow branches and birch twigs are a little more flexible and are particularly suitable for wreaths; Branches of cherry and apple trees are popular for spring decorations. But driftwood from your last vacation on the beach can also be used wonderfully and transformed into a great decorative element.

On your foray through the forest, make sure that you only take branches and twigs that are already on the ground, as it is forbidden to loot and damage the forest. Before you start doing handicrafts, scrub the branches you have found with hot water and, once dry, design them with paint, fabric, thread or paper – just the way you like it best.

These 12 ideas can serve as inspiration for you:

1. Luminous wall decoration

For a glowing wall decoration, look for a nicely shaped branch that has multiple branches. An LED light chain is then attached to the back, which later provides indirect, dimmed light on the wall and highlights the branch wonderfully. The idea is also great as a night light.

2. Small houses made of sticks

For the houses you need small branches that you can remove from their branches. Then cut them into suitable pieces and glue them together with hot glue. If you want, you can paint or spray the houses with paint afterwards. If you use branches from dogwood, for example, this is not necessary, as they are naturally beautiful red.

3. Door wreath

Door wreaths are not only a nice idea for Christmas, they are also a nice eye-catcher in spring. It is best to use willow or birch branches, because they can be easily bent and wrapped with colored embroidery thread.

4. Spring decoration

For this colorful decoration you need a few twigs and colored paper from which you cut out the individual leaves. Attach them to your branches with wire or glue. Now all you need is a large vase and your unique spring decoration is ready.

5. Heart shaped wall decoration

This beautiful wall decoration is particularly suitable for the bedroom. You will need several small and one large branch on which the painted branches will later be hung. When tying, make sure that they stay in the correct position and that the heart shape is not lost.

6. Children’s tent

This craft idea for a colorful children’s tent is something very special. All you need are several sturdy branches that you can wrap with colored thread, paint and otherwise embellish and then set up to make a tent. If you want, you can also cover the scaffolding with fabric. Your children will love it and will be happy to help with the design.

7. Romantic flower decoration

Every spring the Japanese celebrate the cherry blossom festival and decorate their homes with blossoming cherry blossom branches. Thanks to this romantic flower decoration, you can bring spring into your home all year round. Just use hot glue to attach small pink and white paper flowers to the branches.

8. Coat hooks

Making coat hooks out of branches is relatively easy. Saw them to the right size and sand them down. Now all you have to do is secure it to the wall with screws or nails (depending on the size of the hooks and what you want to hang from them). It gives your hallway a rural, rustic flair.

9. Crafting with birch branches

Decorations made from birch branches are beautiful and easy to make. For example, tie a heart made of branches that you can hang on the door or in the window. The birch branches can then of course be decorated as you like, and they also look naturally great.

Tip: The fewer branches you use together, the easier it is to shape and bend them.

10. Table runner

Boring fabric table runners are a thing of the past. Spice up your table with a table runner made from branches and twigs. Cut them into pieces of roughly the same size and fasten them together with string or glue them to an existing fabric runner with hot glue.

But you can also use small branches and glue them together.

11. Bouquet with colored pompons

Another great craft idea for branches is to decorate them with colorful pompons. To do this, find beautiful branches in the size of your choice in the forest and attach the pompons to the branches with hot glue. An ingenious eye-catcher in every room.

12. Make colored branches yourself

Tree and twig decorations are easy to make and beautiful to look at. You can simply spray the branches with a color if you want it a little more uniform, paint them, decorate them with thread, beads or ribbons, or refine them with gold or silver leaf. Let your imagination run wild and design it to suit your taste.

Anyone who is always looking for new handicraft projects will surely love these ideas with branches and twigs, because they add color to the apartment and are easy to implement.

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