12 pictures of failed playgrounds

12 pictures of failed playgrounds

Public playgrounds are actually always full as soon as there is a little sun and it is not raining. Then the parents can finally relax a little while the little ones let off steam.

The strangest videos. (Scroll down to the article.)

Unfortunately, not all playgrounds are equally well equipped and some shouldn’t have been built in the first place. Looking at the pictures in the following list, one really wonders what the designers were thinking. Among other things, fear and horror or a slide into nowhere await the children in these playgrounds.

1. A very creative exit for a bouncy castle …


2. Your look says it all.

3. What was the designer thinking when setting up the figures?

pin bends

4. “Playground”

pin cemetery

5. A very tasteless form of a bouncy castle.


6. The last piece will be pretty bumpy.

pint stairs

7. “Mommy, what are the whales doing there?”


8. Eating or being eaten – or what should this “work of art” represent?

pink rice

9. So I would rather not sit there.


10. A tribute to Manneken Pis …

pin arches

11. “Warning, snakes!”

If you need this scary sign, put playground elsewhere!

12. The children’s reaction time is tested here …

Oh dear, there is no real joy in these playgrounds. We want to hope that the designers show a better taste when the equipment of these “scary playgrounds” has to be renewed!

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