12 people who look like a cartoon character

12 people who look like a cartoon character

Who hasn’t watched countless cartoons or animated fairy tale films as a child? The gripping plot as well as the characterful characters have tied you up in front of the television again and again. And almost always there was at least one beloved cartoon character to identify with.

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If it were all about looks, the following people wouldn’t have a hard time identifying with their childhood heroes and heroines. They look very similar to cartoon characters or characters from computer animation films. The Twitter user “Bonnie“Had shared a picture of himself and the fairy-tale character Belle with the comment” I in real life and my animated self “at the end of June this year, whereupon quite a few people did the same:

1. Princess Jasmine from: Aladdin and 2. Belle from: Beauty and the Beast

2. Prince Eric from: Ariel

3. Lola Bunny from: Space Jam

4. Captain Li Shang from: Mulan

5. Princess Elsa from: The Frozen – Completely unabashed

6. The demigod Maui from: Vaiana – Paradise has a catch

7. Grandmother from: Sylvester and Tweety

8. James P. Sullivan from: the monster Inc

9. Vaiana, daughter of the tribal chief, from: Vaiana – Paradise has a catch

10. Marcel from: Rio

11. Elastigirl made of: The Incredibles

12.Megara from: Hercules

It’s really amazing how close fantasy and reality are sometimes. You can find more articles and galleries on this topic in the list below:

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