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12 people before and after puberty

12 people before and after puberty

Pimples, annoying parents and first love all of this sounds familiar when you think about your teenage years, doesn’t it? During puberty, not only do feelings and view of the world change, but the body in particular goes through a great deal of development.

Exciting insights into your life and your mind. (Scroll down to the article.)

It takes a few years of problems with voice, weight and skin before one is finally grown up and “fully grown”. One or the other would certainly have liked to skip this phase of life. The following pictures show young people who have left puberty behind and are sometimes no longer recognizable. On Reddit, these 12 people share their big transformation:

1. From 16 to 20. What a huge difference four years can make.

16 to 20. What a difference 4 years make from r / uglyduckling

2. From cowboy to sex bomb.

10/26 from r / uglyduckling

3. “Puberty is so ‘nice’.”

Puberty is so kind from r / uglyduckling

4. “In second grade, I looked like a 40-year-old librarian with six cats at home.”

In grade two, I looked like a 40 yo librarian with 6 cats at home from r / uglyduckling

5. “From tomboy at twelve to young woman at 20.”

crippling tomboy stage 12 -> 20 from r / uglyduckling

6. “At 7 and 25: This haircut was a crime against humanity.”

7ish to 25, that hair cut is a crime against humanity. from r / uglyduckling

7. “My father always called me Lisa Plenske and I took it as a compliment.”

11-21 … my dad used to call me ugly Betty, and I took it as a compliment from r / uglyduckling

8. “From 12 to 20: I promise, I’ve always been a girl.”

12 to 20, I promise I was always a girl from r / uglyduckling

9. “In the past ice cream, now the catwalk. Between 17 and 21 I changed a bit. “

From Sundaes to Runways; I grew up quite a bit from 17 to 21. Bonus pics in the comments! from r / uglyduckling

10. “Twenty years later. I still need the big glasses. “

Twenty years later … still need the big glasses! from r / uglyduckling

11. “I lost weight, but damn it, I miss that hairstyle!”

Lost the weight but damn I miss that hair from r / uglyduckling

12. “From bridle girl to teacher Miss Morgan.”

Headgear girl with 4 bangs -> Teacher Miss Morgan. To all former and current ducklings: keep smiling! from r / uglyduckling

Unbelievable, some of the youngsters are no longer recognizable! Even though they were sweet as sugar as kids, it’s great that they found their own style and are now happy with the way they look.

Thumbnail: Reddit / Mrnanovideos1

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