12 irresponsible owners who make their animals suffer

12 irresponsible owners who make their animals suffer

Every day we read on the news that animals have been tortured, abused or even killed by their own owners. The question inevitably arises as to why these “people” keep an animal at all if it is annoying to them and they do not feel like looking after it. How can such people reconcile it with their conscience to let their pet suffer and watch it instead of giving it to people who love animals?

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This question will probably be asked by some of the following 12 pets, because their owners seem to be free from animal love and any conscience.

1. “This is my colleague’s dog. Seriously!?”

2. “Someone just put their dog in a locker!”

Someone stored their dog from r / trashy

3. The vegan blogger “Sonia Sae” not only keeps a wild animal as a pet, she also fed it vegan for a long time out of her own conviction, which is why the little desert fox developed a variety of deficiency symptoms. After several protests on her Instagram page, she finally gave in and, according to her own statements, has been feeding her fennec “Jumanji” since then.

Blogger puts pet fox on vegan diet

4. “My neighbors have moved and left their cat freezing!”

My neighbors moved without taking their cat with them 🙁 from r / trashy

5. “Imagine: There are people who are so lazy that they prefer to let their dog shit all over the balcony instead of just walking it out!”

Imagine being so lazy that you allow your dog to create a shit pile on your balcony instead of taking it for a walk. from r / trashy

6. “A human rubbish heap left his dog freezing outside in the cold for more than 45 minutes in freezing temperatures, while he had a hot cup of tea in the warm. The dog was trembling the whole time. I am really angry!”

Lizzy Kate tea shop, Kirkland WA. Some human piece of garbage just leaves their dog out in below freezing temperatures for 45 minutes. The dog was whimpering when I walked by. I’m livid dude. from r / trashy

7. “This is a friend’s grandmother’s dog. She gives him two hot dogs with mustard every morning! “

8. This owner simply leashed his dog to the car and then calmly went to the gym.

Leashing your dog to your car in the parking lot while you go to the gym. from r / trashy

9. After the tomcat Toby was given away by his family, the faithful animal escaped his new home and ran the 20 kilometers back to the people he loved. His “family” then took him to the shelter and asked the staff to put him to sleep, which luckily they didn’t.

More evil than trashy, but still applies … from r / trashy

10. A convinced vegan posted this picture of her dog and proudly wrote that her pet’s food consists only of sweet potatoes, rice and tofu. She also wrote: “Can you see the excitement in her eyes?”, Whereupon a veterinarian commented: “She is not excited, but malnourished!”


11. A Facebook user posted the following status message on her page: “I left the back door open so the dog can run away, and then the neighbor will bring him back.” A Facebook friend then asked if she was serious to which she replied, “Yes, I’m tired of feeding him and picking up his piles!”

Woman gets tired of caring for dog so decides to let it run away. Becomes upset when neighbor brings the dog back. from r / trashy

12. The police freed this dog from a car after the poor animal had been there for two excruciating hours in scorching heat. The dog owners cared little that the officers had saved their dog’s life. Much more important to them was the smashed window of their car.


One can only hope that these people will never buy an animal again and that the poor tormented souls who suffered from them will at some point forget their traumatic experiences.

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