12 ideas for practical corner furniture

12 ideas for practical corner furniture

Everyone knows the problem of too little space in the home. Especially in small rooms, there is often not enough space for large cupboards or pieces of furniture that can fit a lot.

DIY and upcycling friends, take note: Here are ideas for building your own furniture. (Scroll down to the article.)

But even in the smallest apartment there are so-called “dead” corners that can be used cleverly. An intelligent solution for such niches are space-saving pieces of furniture that are not only decorative, but also create additional storage space.

Whether as a flower shelf, for more storage space in the kitchen or even as a desk: corner furniture is irreplaceable helpers that are enjoying great popularity again. Their wide range of designs should satisfy every need. From simple constructions made of wood, which you assemble yourself, to shelves made of glass or metal, everything is possible. There are a variety of great ideas to fill in areas that have not been used until then.

1. Shelf with drawer

This small corner shelf with drawers really fits in every corner.

2. Thinking around the corner

Wall protrusions can also be used sensibly with the right piece of furniture without wasting additional space.

3. In the kitchen

Corner shelves are practically a must in the kitchen, because they take up hardly any space and offer additional storage space for the coffee machine or other kitchen utensils that are used every day.

4. Shoe rack

A simple shoe rack that doesn’t take up much space, but has a big effect on the tidiness in the hallway.

5. Desk

This cute corner desk is the perfect solution for small apartments where there is hardly any space for a home office.

6. Corner shelf made of boxes

Even simple wooden boxes can be used as corner shelves and are extremely decorative.

7. Bookshelf

Old wooden cable drums can be used to make great shelves that can also serve as reading corners.

8. Shelf made from IKEA tables

The square tables from IKEA are not only inexpensive, but also versatile. Stacked on top of one another, they create a lot of storage space.

9. Hallway shelf

If you don’t have space for a large hall wardrobe, you should think about a corner shelf, because this is easy to assemble and fits perfectly into any room, no matter how small.

10. TV cabinet

The TV can even be stowed away in this corner shelf.

11. Wine rack

Such a wine rack in the corner is not only a real eye-catcher, it is also incredibly space-saving and offers additional storage space.

12. Closet behind the door

The practical organizer can even be hidden behind doors, increasing the storage space and offering space for all the great children’s books, for example.

Corner furniture cuts a fine figure in the kitchen as well as in the bedroom or children’s room and is the most practical solution for unused corners. And their advantages are obvious: They are versatile in shape, design and size, use “dead” corners, offer more storage space and are practical and decorative.

Here you can find more ideas and suggestions for creative pieces of furniture in your home:

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