12 before and after photos of puppies and dogs

12 before and after photos of puppies and dogs

Puppies are something wonderful: at first they are small, cute and cuddly, but over time they become loyal companions who never let their people down. While any reasonable animal lover knows that an adopted puppy ultimately matures into a full-grown dog, it is a shame how quickly that can happen.

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The following dog owners also hardly had time – and not only felt – to enjoy their cute puppies. After just a few months or even weeks, your small dogs have grown into quite big ones, at least physically:

1. A foreign assignment later …


2. You need strength in your arms.


3. Before you know it …


4. You can also tell that a little time has passed with the teddy bear.

5. It grows and grows and grows.

6. Almost twice as big!

7. Now he would need at least four shoes.

8. Does the sun never shine there?

9. He grew diligently in four months.

10. Left: 4.5 kg. Right: 32 kg.

11. No matter how much time goes by, the sofa remains cozy.

12. They are almost the same size.


Big or small, these lovely fur noses are always cute. Their masters don’t seem any less happy either. Still, sometimes the time goes a little too fast …

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