11 ruined wedding photos that the bride and groom laugh at themselves

11 ruined wedding photos that the bride and groom laugh at themselves

Even the best day in life comes to an end. But wedding pictures ensure that the most beautiful moments are captured forever. However, there are not always perfect snapshots of the bride and groom feeding each other with cake.

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Sometimes the wedding photographer pulls the trigger at an unhappy moment that makes everyone laugh afterwards! As with these 11 wedding photos, which are not very romantic, but all the funnier.

1. So much love in the air pisses off some people.

2. The bicycle photo bomber is probably already framed on the mantelpiece of the newlyweds!

3. Happiness in love does not come to everyone in the family.

Me at my sisters wedding a few years ago

4. What are the big guys doing there?

5. The universe wanted to give the bride and groom a subtle hint before they said yes.

I just got married yesterday. Didn’t see the universe’s stop sign. from r / funny

6. And someone steals the show even in the lonely mountains.

7. The uncle wants to be the first at the buffet, no matter what the cost!

8. The groomsmen wanted to give the romantic photos a little more pep.

My brothers wedding, I think the photobomb went well.

9. A beautiful picture at first glance – if you weren’t being photo-bombed by a demonic grimace.

10. But it is also exhausting, all the standing!

11. The little one has a clear attitude towards the whole event.

My friend’s daughter just dropped the best wedding photobomb I’ve seen in a while. from r / funny

Anyone can do normal, but these perfectly timed photos clearly stand out in the wedding album. To shoot! There are even more weird wedding pictures that make you smile in these picture galleries:

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