11 Panty Liner Hacks That Everyone Should Know

11 Panty Liner Hacks That Everyone Should Know

Panty liners are an important item for half the population, but there’s more to them than their intended purpose would lead you to believe! We’re going to show you 11 unexpected panty liner life hacks that will get you out of many a pickle. Who knew panty liners could be so versatile?!

1. Flawless Makeup

Cut off both ends of a panty liner and stick them under your eyes. This way you can apply your eye shadow without worrying about it flying all over your face.

2. Nail Polish Removal

Out of cotton pads but need to remove nail polish? Just use a panty liner – it works just as well!

3. Cooling Pads

Don’t have any cooling pads or ice packs on hand? Don’t worry, here’s a great alternative! Soak a panty liner in water, put it in the freezer for 15 minutes, and use it as a cooling pad on whatever little bruises you might have.

4. Custom-Sized Panty Liners

You know how a lot of panty liners don’t actually fit most underwear? Just tape the protruding sides around your underpants, and never worry about ill-fitting, noticeable panty liners again!

5. Scented Pads

Does your closet smell a little musty? Here’s what you can do: put a few drops of your essential oil of choice on a panty liner and put it in your closet. Now your clothes will always smell fresh and clean!

6. Furniture Gliders

Moving furniture around can leave unseemly scratches on the floor. Panty liners can prevent that from happening, so instead of buying special products, just put panty liners under each furniture leg and your floor will remain scratch-free.

7. Shoe Insoles

This one’s perfect for winter: panty liner insoles to keep your feet nice and warm at all times!

8. Glasses Protector

Stick panty liners into your spectacle case to prevent your shades from getting scratched up.

9. Blister Bandages

Do you tend to get blisters, especially when you’re breaking in a new pair of shoes? Then get a load of this hack: cut a panty liner to size and stick it to the inside of your shoe. Bye bye, blisters!

10. Pit Stain Protector

To prevent unsightly sweat stains from appearing in the crook of your arms, turn the t-shirt inside out and stick a panty liner that’s cut to size to the underarm area. Now the panty liner is just going to soak up all your sweat.

11. Chest Stain Protector

You ever get sweat stains on your chest? Don’t sweat it – just cut 2 panty liners to size and stick them to the inside of your bra, just above the wire!

Who knew panty liners had so many different uses?! Once you try out these life hacks, you’ll never look back!

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