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11 cute animal pictures of animals and their rescuers

11 cute animal pictures of animals and their rescuers

When animals find themselves in situations that they cannot escape without help or that even require medical care, they need human support.
Fortunately, there are numerous animal lovers out there who are committed to helping fur noses whenever they need assistance. If they finally get better or if they have been rescued from a precarious situation, some of them quickly flee back into nature, while others show their infinite gratitude.

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Be it a wet kiss, a firm hug or a loving look through the window – the following animal pictures prove that animals say thank you to their rescuers in their very own way.

1. This baby kangaroo is still very small, but it already knows how to express its feelings.

2. This man freed a swan that was trapped in a fence, then the animal hugged its rescuer by wrapping its long neck around the man’s.

Injured swan hugs the man who saved him

3. A few years ago a family rescued this deer from hunters – since then it has been visiting them every day.

4. “Thank you for being there.”

5. “Thank you very much for making me well again.”

Happy Vet Tech Week! Thanks for all that you do for furry friends!

6. This little dog was saved from deadly flames at the last second. Since then he has been helping the fire fighters as best he can.

7. This squirrel was found injured a few years ago. The family nursed the little animal carefully and released it after it recovered. In the years that followed, the little rodent kept visiting his rescuers.

8. When Brazilian soldiers found this jaguar fighting for its life in the jungle, they took it with them and cared for it until it recovered. Today the predator meets its rescuers with affection and respect.

9. This dog thanks his vet with a wet kiss.

10. After this fur nose has been taken from the shelter, it thanks its owner every day by not leaving his side.

Reddit, meet Marvin. Saved from the animal shelter and safe at his new home. from r / aww

11. This kangaroo was brought to a life-saving reserve when it was only five months old – since then it has thanked its helpers with a daily hug for the past ten years.

Each of these gestures is a wonderful expression of priceless gratitude and proof that animals too have hearts and souls.

Thumbnails: © Imgur / PetPlanPets © Facebook / The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs

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