11 creative ideas for garden ponds

11 creative ideas for garden ponds

A pond symbolizes our secret desires and hopes – says the dream interpretation. However, anyone who dreams of a pond does not always necessarily try to recreate their life. Maybe he just wants to put the icing on the cake in his garden.

The following examples give some suggestions on how to turn this dream into reality. They are everything, except ordinary – your mouth stays open.

Here are the best ideas for decorating the garden even more beautifully. (Scroll down to the article.)

11 creative ideas for garden ponds

1. A swimming pond – if you don’t just want to look at the water.

2. Water in the boat instead of the boat in the water.

3. Garden romance with a waterfall.

4. Aquarium or pond? Fish pond with viewing window!

5. Basically, fish are very curious animals.

6. A Roman well?

7. Or do you prefer modern?

8. The Japanese know: idyll is not a question of space.

9. Asian minimalism with a fence and flower pots.

10. In its retirement, the tuba enjoys the tranquility of nature.

11. This piano only plays Smetana’s “Moldau”.

Not all dreams are created equal – and not all ponds are created equal. One would like to have these ingenious ideas in the garden at the same time. But it is always important that the pond blends in harmoniously with the overall picture.

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