10 tricks for your next hotel visit

10 tricks for your next hotel visit

The travel destination has been selected, the hotel room has been booked and the anticipation increases. But when the time has finally come, the journey to and from the hotel often has some annoying problems that can quickly spoil the holiday. So that you are well prepared for your next hotel visit and master every difficulty, no matter how small, like a pro, in this article you will learn 10 tricks that are sure to prove useful.

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1. Shower cap as protection against dirty shoes

You are already faced with a problem when packing your suitcase: Either you scrub the soles of your shoes sparkling clean or your clothes get dirty in the suitcase. But with the help of a shower cap, you can confidently avoid both options. To do this, put the shoes in the shower cap with the soles first and this will be a protective layer between your shoes and the rest of the contents of your suitcase.

2. Contact lens case for transporting creams

Anyone who travels a lot knows that there is never enough space in a suitcase. This is precisely why it is impossible to take every single jar of cream you need for your skin and body care with you. Therefore, contact lens cases are ideal for transporting enough cream for your stay without wasting space in your suitcase.

3. Tablet box for storing jewelry

The best place to store earrings, necklaces and the like is in an empty pill box. Because the individually separated compartments give your jewelry enough space without getting tangled up. In addition, the pieces of jewelry in a tablet box are much safer than loose in your suitcase, where they may even get lost.

4. Plastic fork to hold loose cables

In order to place the charging cable securely on the bedside table without it falling down all the time, it is a good idea to use a plastic fork. Put it in the desired place and fix the cable between the prongs. It stays in place and is ready for the next use.

5. Emergency money in empty lipstick

Whenever you are away from the hotel on vacation, you should always keep emergency money somewhere out of your wallet. In the event that this is stolen, you will still have enough money to at least get back to the hotel by taxi. The ideal hiding place is an empty lipstick container, in which the rolled up bills can be easily stowed away. The pickpocket will definitely not steal your lipstick!

6. Paper cups as toothbrush holders

If you don’t have a protective case for your toothbrush, but still don’t want the bristles to touch the shelf in the hotel bathroom, you can use the paper cup, which can be found in practically every hotel room anyway. But if you put the toothbrush in the cup, it usually tips over because the brush is only on one side. However, the problem can be solved by turning the mug upside down, punching a hole in the bottom, and inserting the toothbrush into it.

7. Use make-up removal conditioner

If you’ve forgotten both your make-up remover and facial tissues, don’t worry. Because your conditioner works just as well – if not better. Because the care oils it contains not only remove the waterproof mascara without any problems, but also make your skin soft and supple.

8. Fix the power button on the hair dryer with the hair band

Who doesn’t know it – the annoying blow dryer that only dries hair when the “Power” button is pressed continuously? Especially for women with long and thick hair, this can be quite exhausting for the finger in the long run. To solve this problem, you can wrap an ordinary hair band around the blow dryer so that the band presses the button down. The hair dryer remains switched on until the hair is dry – without pain or cramps in the finger.

9. Convert the bed sheet into a “bedside table”

If a bedside table is not part of the equipment of your hotel room, you can easily convert the bed sheet into one. All you have to do is pull it taut towards the head end and slide the protruding sheet under the mattress to form a small pocket. In it you can then stow your cell phone, glasses and other important things that you need by your bed at night.

10. Ironing board for more space in the hotel room

Storage options are also a rarity in hotel rooms. To provide more storage space, however, you can set up an ironing board if you have it and place the items you urgently need on it. As soon as you no longer need it, you can easily fold the board back up and put it in the corner.

Regardless of whether it’s a paper cup to stow your toothbrush or a bed sheet that is quickly converted into a shelf: With these tricks you can solve almost any problem that arises during your hotel stay or even on the way there.

Here you will find 10 more tips for a more pleasant stay in the hotel and which 10 things definitely belong in your suitcase.

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