10 tips, tricks and ideas against car theft

10 tips, tricks and ideas against car theft

First the good news: car thefts are becoming increasingly rare. Since 1994, the annual theft rate has continuously decreased from 0.36% to 0.05% of insured vehicles. Nevertheless, around 33,000 cars were still stolen in 2017. This is annoying and frustrating for those affected.

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Well-organized gangs in particular are up to mischief these days. Targeted and with modern technical equipment, they go on the hunt, crack electronic immobilizers with their laptops and bypass acoustic alarm systems in no time. Even the police admit: You will probably never be able to completely prevent car theft. But there are quite a few tips, tricks and ideas on how to make life difficult for thieves.

1.) tear gas

This spring, the Japanese automaker Toyota applied for a patent in which the car recognizes who is sitting in the car based on the smartphone it is carrying. If an unauthorized person gains access to the vehicle, a mechanism releases tear gas and makes any progress impossible. So don’t leave your smartphone lying on the kitchen table!


2.) Color trap

In the US, some car owners install invisible UV color traps in their cars. This makes it possible for the police to identify thieves of handbags, radios or other valuables, even if the objects were thrown into the bushes while on the run.

Car thief sprayed with invisible dye in honeypot trap. (before and after pics)

It is also possible to “inoculate” components with such a UV color. The components are sprayed with a microparticle DNA, which can be assigned 100% to a registered vehicle under the microscope. The thriving trade in stolen used parts is to be restricted in this way.


3.) tracker

A GPS tracker that is hidden in the car is much easier to install. If the car moves unauthorized from the place, the device transmits in real time to the smartphone where the car is currently. This way, the police have an easy time catching the crooks. Alternatively, you can hide a disused smartphone in the car for GPS tracking.


4.) Interrupted spray supply

This is already part of the standard equipment in premium class vehicles. But mid-range cars can also be retrofitted with a spray supply interruption. If a theft is detected via the GPS tracker, the car can be stopped by remote control.

Big Cars Suck :)

5.) Hidden camera

GPS trackers and remote vehicle shutdown are increasingly being supplemented by a hidden camera system. As soon as someone gets behind the wheel, their face is streamed live on their cell phone. These 3-way systems are available both as a simple plug-in version for the cigarette lighter and as a built-in model.

Car thief … instant regret

6.) Aluminum foil

So-called keyless go systems promise uncomplicated convenience: You get into the car and start the engine without having to dig the key out of your pocket. However, modern car thieves take advantage of this cosiness: One of the thieves is near the key holder and scans the key signal as he passes, while his accomplice opens the car with the help of a radio link extender. If you want to prevent this, you can simply wrap your key in several layers of aluminum foil.


7.) Control

Other crooks try to bypass the central locking function of the car by means of a jamming signal. The police therefore advise you to pay attention to the acoustic or optical signal as to whether the doors have actually been locked.

This porche key fob is shaped like the car

8.) Protective film

Theft of valuables from cars has become significantly less common. But it still occurs. Special protective films that can be stuck to the side window and rear window make it difficult to smash the windows. Especially casual thieves can be deterred in this way.


9.) Claw

The good old steering wheel and parking claws are also a sensible solution, which at least prevents the modern car hackers from secretly, quietly and quietly seizing the vehicle. Gear shift locks that are tailored to the vehicle are more expensive, but even more difficult to crack.


10.) Proper parking

The brighter and busier the street, the safer the car is. A covered, shady carport, on the other hand, is an invitation for car thieves, warns the police. What you should also not do: deposit the vehicle registration document or even the letter in the glove compartment. This makes it easier for the criminals to transfer the stolen property abroad. In addition, the insurance company can interfere with the reimbursement of costs if there were official documents in the car.

BMW ActiveE in solar carport

Whether a complex retrofit is recommended for your car depends on the individual case. A check to see whether the central locking has actually worked, an old smartphone as a GPS tracker and the simple rules for choosing a parking space are measures that anyone can implement to spoil the pleasure of car thieves in their “work”.

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