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10 strange rules of the English royal family

10 strange rules of the English royal family

Probably very few of us mere mortals will ever have the opportunity to associate personally with Queen Elizabeth II or any other member of the English royal family.

But in order to be well prepared in case of doubt or just to have an idea of ​​how to behave towards the royals, you will find below 10 rules of conduct to be observed during an audience.

But it’s not just guests, the Windsors themselves have to adhere to etiquette as you will see.

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1. The Queen’s outfit

The fact that the Queen wears bright colors is not because she likes her so much, but rather because she should be easily recognizable from a distance so that people in the crowd can claim they have seen the Queen.

Of course, she also wears black for funerals.

2. Dress code

As expected, the dress code for guests is conservative. You should fall back on simple elegance, neutral tones and a sophisticated cut are to be preferred.

Showing too much skin is just as avoidable as walking around more colorful and noticeable than the Queen.

3. Salutation

Never speak to the Queen as Queen! Elizabeth II is commonly referred to as the Queen, but this is not her official title.

The correct salutation is “Her Majesty” followed by a “Ma’am”.

4. Greeting

Although the protocol does not officially provide for it, it is customary to make a small gesture when greeting: the men bow slightly, the women curtsey.

This is followed by the handshake, which can only be returned if the Queen offers it.

When the Queen greets a small group, they stand in a semicircle.

5. Conversations

The Queen is solely responsible for conducting the conversation; you are not allowed to start a conversation with her yourself. Changing the subject during the conversation or having a heated discussion with her is just as taboo as addressing political or personal topics.

6. Enter the room

But not only the guests, also the members of the royal family have to adhere to certain rules of etiquette on official occasions.

The order in which the family members enter a room is based on the order in which they claim the throne.

7. handbag

Instead of a large handbag to hang around with, Kate is often seen with a so-called clutch.

On the one hand, the handbag should of course be adapted to the outfit. On the other hand, it can be assumed that, especially at the beginning of her time as a representative of the English royal family, she preferred clutches in order to hold onto something and to avoid accidentally shaking hands by holding the bag with both hands.

8. Holding hands

It is not officially forbidden for the royal couple to hold hands and openly display other expressions of sympathy such as kissing or hugging, but this is not done in order to maintain a professional, dignified appearance.

9. Short pants

Since the 16th century the boys of the royal family have always worn shorts, in every season. They are only allowed to wear long trousers at the age of eight, which is supposed to symbolize the end of a phase of childhood and the beginning of a new phase of life.

10. More no-gos

Furthermore, it is not welcome to touch the Queen without asking or to turn your back on her. In addition, one should not run in front of her or leave the room in front of her.

Also, eating will not start until the Queen starts and the meal will be paused when the Queen interrupts.

The official website of the English royal family actually admits that there is actually no mandatory code of how to behave towards a member of the royal family.

But since the idea of ​​the nobility now only lives from its symbolism, it is welcomed to maintain old traditions.

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