10 photos of funny grandmas

10 photos of funny grandmas

There is nothing better than being pampered by the beloved grandma. A few hours in grandma’s care feel like a whole week’s vacation. Her table is always well set and she always has your favorite sweets in the closet, just in case you spontaneously stand in front of her door.

These videos will warm your heart. (Scroll down to the article.)

Our grannies are simply the best! This is what these 10 people thought, who share the most beautiful and funniest quirks of their grandmothers with us.

1. Grandmas always have the best ideas.

2. When your grandma thinks you’ve gotten too thin.

3. “My grandma bought the pig because she was so sorry.”

My grandma bought this defective pig because she felt sorry for it.

4. “My grandma had a fight with the food processor. The food processor won! “

My dealer is gonna kill me ….

5. “My nephew and grandma fell asleep in the back seat today while they were holding hands.”

6. “My cousin had a costume wedding and Grandma came as Princess Leia.”

My cousin had a costume wedding, my grandma went as Princess Leia.

7. “My grandma always brings her own bacon to dinner because she is afraid she won’t get enough of it in the restaurant.”

My grandma packs her own bacon because she feels like the restaurants never put enough on her BLTs …. from r / funny

8. “My grandma knitted a little sombrero for my hamster.”

My Granny knitted a sombrero for my hamster!

9. “Grandma bought this ‘rabbit’ as an Easter decoration.”

10. “My grandma stuck a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio over the face of my (not very nice) deceased grandpa.”

Aren’t they easy to smooch? If you also have such a loving granny, then just tell her how much she means to you.

Thumbnail: © Imgur / Kelly Angel

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