10 negative body language habits

10 negative body language habits

Communication is the be-all and end-all for people. Non-verbal communication is just as important as verbal. It shows right away whether the other person is interested in the conversation or is just pretending to be. But regardless of whether it is facial expressions or gestures: There are quite a few body language habits that make you seem unappealing. If you read on, you will find out which these are and which ones you should put aside in order to make the best possible impression on other people.

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1. Roll your eyes

Anyone who rolls their eyes is obviously annoyed. However, it can also be a sign of disrespect – and that doesn’t go down well with others. Your counterpart may therefore turn away from you and no longer trust themselves to speak to you for fear of annoying you.


2. Too little or too much eye contact

Too little eye contact shows a strong disinterest in the conversation or even a lack of self-confidence. So you should make sure to look your counterpart in the eye from time to time. However, you shouldn’t overdo it, because: Too much eye contact can also be a deterrent. Because that sometimes has an aggressive effect and makes your conversation partner feel uncomfortable. So try to find a healthy mediocrity.

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3. Forget to smile

Nothing is more beautiful than a smile that comes from the heart. But this is often forgotten, especially in formal situations. A friendly smile is an ideal way to show trust and openness. Your counterpart feels more comfortable there. However, you should only smile if you really mean it. Because a fake smile can make you seem implausible.


4. Bite your fingernails

A bad habit for many people is nail biting in stressful situations. This can have a stress-relieving effect, but it tells the person you’re talking to directly how you feel – namely insecure and uncomfortable. It can also distract or even disgust your counterpart. But stress-induced nail biting also damages your nails and teeth. So pay attention to it once and try to refrain from it in the future.

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5. Fidget with your fingers

Constantly fidgeting with your fingers is also a habit that is better to get rid of. Be it playing with the ring, tapping your fingers on the table or twirling them around your hair: It makes you look bored and leaves the other person feeling like you would rather be somewhere else. It is better to direct your full attention to the person you are speaking to and to keep your hands and feet still.


6. Rub your neck

People who rub their necks frequently appear stressed. Because that indicates that you are tense and restless inside. Become aware of what you are doing with your hands during a conversation. Otherwise, you are sending out the wrong signals that could make you appear unsympathetic to others.

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7. Crooked posture

The overall attitude says a lot about a person’s self-confidence. Because while a straight posture with hunched shoulders speaks for a lot of self-confidence, a crooked posture says exactly the opposite. That seems insecure and shows that your self-esteem is rather low in nature. That doesn’t leave a good impression, as most people prefer to make friends with those who know their own worth and defend it.

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8. Crossed arms or legs

Sometimes it happens automatically that you cross your arms or legs while sitting. However, this is usually perceived as unsympathetic by outsiders. Because it seems as if you don’t want to interact with the other person or if you prefer to be somewhere else. It is better to open your arms and keep your legs straight next to each other. In a matter of seconds you will look a lot more trustworthy.

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9. Appear distracted

Anyone who looks at their cell phone during a call or is generally easily distracted is more than impolite. That shows that there is a clear lack of interest in the other person. Rather, show that you are actively listening by making regular eye contact and asking questions about what was previously said.


10. Be too calm

It is not always easy for introverts. Because they are naturally calmer and automatically appear less interested in their counterparts. Shy people should therefore try to use their facial expressions to express enthusiasm or to inconspicuously mirror the gestures of their interlocutor. That is directly more personable.


So, as you can see, body language is an important aspect of communication. It lets you decide in seconds whether you like someone or not. To make yourself popular with others, it helps to avoid the mistakes mentioned and instead swap them out for these 14 body language tricks.

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