10 mundane reasons the divorce was filed

10 mundane reasons the divorce was filed

When two lovers walk in front of the altar, then they have made the decision to spend the rest of their lives together. Unfortunately, this is often more of a pious wish than a fact, as numerous statistics show. In 2017, over 400,000 couples in Germany said yes, but over 150,000 marriages were divorced again in the same period.

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Still, given these numbers, nobody should draw the wrong conclusions: Separating from your spouse is not an easy decision. Dissatisfied men and women often struggle with this idea for a long time before they put it into practice. Sometimes, however, two people marry who do not seem to be a match from the start, as the following ten cases show. For some spouses, small things were often enough of a reason to file for divorce:

1. Too little make-up

For an Arab husband, the appearance of his bride had apparently played a key role in marrying her in the first place. Because the 32-year-old immediately filed for divorce when he saw his wife for the first time without make-up. He accused her of fooling him with artificial eyelashes and other beauty products. The marriage lasted a full six months.

2. Old love letters

An affair is an affair no matter how long ago it was. This is the opinion of a 99-year-old man from Italy to the last resort. After finding old love letters from his wife to a secret lover from the 1940s, he divorced. Although the two had been married for almost eighty years, the husband could not forgive his wife. An affair is not a banal reason for divorce, but several decades together also have their value.

3. Ignore messages

In Taiwan, one of the reasons why a woman broke up with her husband was because he ignored her news. Just like the popular WhatsApp, the instant messaging service “Line”, which is widely used in Asia, also offers a “read” function. No matter what messages said woman sent her husband, nothing came back, even though he had apparently read them all. Even before the divorce court, the blue ticks served as proof that the marriage of the two was broken.

4. Relationship status

Sometimes one click can make the difference between happiness and the stress of divorce. This was the lesson learned by a newlywed Indian who simply couldn’t find the time to change his relationship status on Facebook from “in a relationship” to “married”. Two months after the marriage, his wife had lost patience and requested a divorce. How long does it take until he changes his status to “single”?

5. Cleanliness and order

Many couples argue about order and cleanliness in their relationship. Or more precisely: about a partner’s lack of order and cleanliness. But it also works the other way around, as a case from Germany shows. A wife divorced her husband because he was too clean. For years the man did all housework with great diligence and a pronounced love of order. However, when he tore down a wall and rebuilt it because it was dirty, the woman’s patience broke for good. The marriage lasted a full fifteen years.

6. Funny nickname

“Sweetheart”, “rabbit” or “little mouse” – probably no wife would mind if her loved one calls her that. But not every man chooses a flattering nickname or nickname for his partner, as a woman from Saudi Arabia discovered with horror. One day she found out that he had saved her number in his cell phone under the name “Guantanamo” – like the US prison camp. He thought it was funny, she decided to file for divorce.

7. Washing sins

Some soccer fans seem to love the sport and their favorite team more than their own partner. This is exactly what the wife of a passionate fan had to experience. The man had collected player autographs on a T-shirt that his wife threw in the washing machine one day. The signatures were fading – as was his love for her.

8. Wrong choice

If it comes down to it in the elections ….

It is better to refrain from discussing politics, not only at work. Most of the time, such discussions lead to unnecessary arguments and resentment. Apparently, married couples should heed this advice too, as a case from the United States shows. A California woman separated from her husband after more than twenty-two years of marriage because he voted for Donald Trump in the 2017 presidential election.

9. Dirty dishes

It is said that the little things make life beautiful. Consequently, the antithesis must also be correct. The following separation case provides proof of this: A wife left her husband because of what she saw as a bad habit: the man kept putting glasses he had used in the sink, even though the dishwasher was right next to it. The last drinking glass finally overflowed the keg.

10. Bad table manners

Although table manners are no longer as important as they were a few decades ago, that does not mean that they are no longer valued. For a woman from Kuwait, they became the reason for separation. A week after the marriage, the woman wanted to get a divorce because her husband ate peas with bread and not with a fork. No etiquette, no marriage.

These stories show that no one should be too lightly into the covenant of marriage. Therefore: keep your eyes open when choosing a partner!

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