10 houses with breathtaking architecture

10 houses with breathtaking architecture

When it comes to fulfilling the dream of living, people can get very creative. Some have only limited resources and build a wonderful “tiny house” out of necessity, others romp over decades to create something monumental. We present 10 more impressive and really unique houses here. From the loneliest dream house in the middle of nowhere to the pragmatic superb building in turbulent cities, everything that architecture can create is included.

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1. Keret House in Warsaw, Poland

The Keret House, named after its first resident Etgar Keret, was built in 2012 in a vacant lot between two buildings made of iron scaffolding.
The building has two floors with a total area of ​​just 4.09 m². It is currently the narrowest house in the world.

Despite the small size, the interior is equipped with a living area and a bedroom as well as a kitchen and a bathroom.

2. Single family home in New York, USA

David Puchkoff has fulfilled a dream for himself and his family by building his own house in the middle of New York. Instead of erecting the building between all the skyscrapers, however, he simply erected his dream property, including a veranda and garden, on the roof of a six-story skyscraper.

The family now enjoys their oasis in the middle of the big city every day and will probably never get enough of the incomparable view.

3rd house on pillars in North Carolina, USA

A for sale sign hangs on the top left of the terrace of this house. However, it is uncertain whether a buyer will be found, because the salt water and the weather have already attacked the posts on which the house stands so badly that the building is tilted.

4. Casa do Penedo near Fafe, Portugal

This stone house was built between 1972 and 1974 from four large boulders that serve as the foundation, walls and ceiling. The owners initially used the building as a holiday home; now it is used as a museum. To this day the stone house is not connected to the power supply.

5. Vieux Moulin in Vernon, France

In the French city of Vernon is the so-called “Old Mill”, which was built on a medieval bridge. This building has been around since the 16th century. Despite several collapses, the pretty house was rebuilt again and again.

Incidentally, the painter Claude Monet was so taken with the “Old Mill” that he immortalized it in several of his pictures.

6. Villa Vals in Vals, Switzerland

The Villa Vals was designed by several architects who had set themselves the task of integrating a modern building into the landscape in such a way that it does not affect the panorama of the high Alps – they have absolutely succeeded in doing this with the house built into the slope.
The building basically only consists of a facade and a terrace from which one has a wonderful view of the mountains; the rest is in the mountainside. The architectural masterpiece can now be rented as a holiday home.

7. House with lake view in Hordaland, Norway

Those who need a distance from civilization are in good hands in this house, because it can only be reached on foot or by horse. The small chalet blends in perfectly with the landscape with its corrugated roof covered with moss; The wood and stone facade also ensures that the building becomes almost “invisible” in its surroundings.

8. Gate Tower Building in Osaka, Japan

Away from the idyllic countryside, we finally turn into the big city with Karacho. The Gate Tower Building was built in the early 1990s under very special circumstances. Because the landowner did not want to sell the land for the construction of the planned motorway, but wanted to build on it, this compromise was found. From the 5th to the 7th floor of this 16-storey there is a huge gap through which a motorway exit leads.

The operator of the motorway actually pays around 15,000 euros a month in rent for these 3 floors, which otherwise contain technical facilities. The residents are protected from noise and dirt by, among other things, 9 millimeter thick window panes.

9. House in Montezuma Canyon, Utah, USA

With this house, Phil and Barbara Houghton realized a dream in 1986, because they both wanted to live far away from civilization. Since the couple has always been fascinated by rocky landscapes, they quickly converted the caves of the canyon into their new domicile.

10. Edgeland House in Austin, Texas

This house can hardly be seen from a distance, because the sloping roof overgrown with grass fits perfectly into the landscape. However, when you get closer to the building, its architectural splendor is revealed.

Behind the hill is a beautiful, generously glazed house, the living and sleeping areas of which are separated from each other by a courtyard, which in turn ends in a tapering pool.

It is amazing how versatile, adapted to the situation and extremely creative people can be when necessary. There are countless other examples of unique building, such as Steve Areem’s beautiful 7,000 euro house in Thailand. To be honest, that has more charm than the Autobahn cookie jar in Japan. But of course this also has its purpose and earns respect from the viewer.

Source: Curioctopus

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