10 funny cops

10 funny cops

It is not easy for police officers to carry out their duties these days. A lack of respect and twisted legal texts make their day-to-day work more difficult. But you should never forget that the uniformed people are just people like you and me.

Anyone who decides to become a friend and helper despite all the adversities needs one thing above all: humor! Like these police officers:

1. When a bet comes in but you just can’t resist …

2. They escort demonstrations, parades and sometimes single file.

3. “Professional tip: If you have to drive in this weather, TURN YOUR LIGHT ON! To be invisible is cool in Harry Potter, but not in the street. “

4. After each lift, the dumbbell suddenly becomes lighter! How come

5. “Just to be clear: ‘I was looking for a Pokestop’ is not an acceptable excuse if you get caught with a crowbar on the roof of a shop at 2:00 am!”

6. Alcohol control! You must drink more, good woman, otherwise I will unfortunately have to arrest you.

Cool police

7. There is absolutely nothing to see here! … Just a Finnish policeman with his police reindeer.

8. When the Swedish police hang up, the festival crowd goes wild.

The Swedish police recently uploaded this photo to their facebook saying: “It’s da sound of da Police”. I like my Sweden 🙂

9. At the Carnival in Nottingham, even the otherwise cramped Metropolitan Police Service really thaws.

10. Who has more fun here?

Who would have thought that everyday police work could be so amusing? In any case, these officials have the necessary composure that this job requires in today’s world.

Thumbnails: © Facebook / Portlandia Police Bureau ©Twitter / George Takei

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