10 encounters with stars show how nice they can be

10 encounters with stars show how nice they can be

Meeting a celebrity is likely a special event for most people. It’s just a shame if these encounters leave a bitter aftertaste because the star’s character doesn’t turn out to be the one you know from the media.

Here are emotional stories that really inspire you. (Scroll down to the article.)

Nevertheless, there are always some encounters with stars that prove that they too can be down-to-earth, courteous and friendly. Some of the nicest people you can meet. These ten people were also lucky enough to meet a friendly star and can now tell of a really nice encounter:

1. Anne Hathaway

“I met Anne Hathaway backstage while she was waiting for her cue to go back on stage. We started talking and joking and she was telling me what a clumsy man she was. When she was called back on stage, she literally fell up the stairs and turned directly to me, whereupon we both began to laugh heartily. She is a really nice person and I am so happy that I got to know her. “(Menicknick)

2. Colin Firth

“I saw him in a cafe with his son. I didn’t want to bother him, so I waited for the two of them to go before I went to him and asked him for an autograph for my mom, who is a huge fan. He asked me some questions about her and then wrote a really nice autograph card especially for my mother. He even asked me if I wanted one too, but I just told him that meeting him was more than enough. During our conversation, I told him where my mother worked, and the next day he went there just to talk to her. A really incredible person. “(Ninjakaji)

3. Barack Obama

“I’ve met Obama a couple of times. His charisma is unbelievable and he makes a point of having at least a short chat with everyone. The third time I was there, he even remembered me, which was an incredible feeling. A great guy. “(TobiasFunkeFresh)

4. Steve Irwin

“I’ve met a few musicians and athletes in my life who have all been very nice, but no one has ever been as friendly as Steve Irwin. I met him in a hotel elevator while on vacation. I was just eleven years old, soaking wet from the pool, and couldn’t believe I was in an elevator with Steve. He must have noticed that, because he immediately started talking to me and asked me what my name is and where I come from, whether I might have seen crocodiles in the pool and, if so, that I should go and get him . Then he started talking to a hotel employee who was also in the elevator with us and had been staring at Steve the whole time. He was just so frank. This interaction with him still makes me smile when I think of it today. “(RiteOfSpring5)

5. Nathan Fillion

“I met Nathan Fillion when I was working in the cinema: the guy bought six big bags of popcorn and a couple of bottles of water and I just thought, ‘Man, this guy is really tight.’ He was wearing a hoodie and sunglasses, so I didn’t recognize him at first. Then at one point I said, ‘Hey, you look kind of like that Nathan Fillion guy.’ He took off his sunglasses and replied: ‘Well, I can’t hope so.’ I was really perplexed and just brought up a ‘Captain!’ emerged. He replied, ‘Carry on, Browncoat.’ (A nod to Fillion’s series Firefly – The Dawn of Serenity). That was the coolest moment of my whole life. “(BanyonNoble)

6. Dolly Parton

“Dolly Parton is such a lovely person and gives great hugs. She came to Tower Records in San Francisco, a music store that must have been around 1977. Immediately she gave me a hug and was thrilled that we were the same size (even though she was wearing high heels). She asked me a few questions and made me feel really genuinely interested. I’ve met a lot of stars, but Dolly Parton and Robin Williams were by far the nicest. “(Hyestepper)

7. Robin Williams

“I met Robin Williams in 1981 in a bookstore where I worked. A totally normal guy, super relaxed and clever. He was there with Timothy Leary, so I was lucky enough to meet both of them. “(Hyestepper)

8. Hugh Laurie

“After getting to know Hugh Laurie personally, I can safely say that he is one of the nicest and most humble stars out there. Not only does he enjoy interacting with his fans, he also pretends to be his friend: he remembers names and other small details with incredible accuracy and makes every conversation feel like part of a very valued (and ongoing) To be dialogue. On top of that, he’s just hilarious. The perfect recipe for a really great guy. “(RamsesThePigeon)

9. Stan Lee

“He was my neighbor for a while and always wrote me letters that are now framed on my wall. Tom Brady wasn’t that great, Steven Tyler was really cool and relaxed, but Stan Lee was by far the very best. “(D_handsoap)

10. Bill Nye

Bill Nye

“I was a doorman in New York City for one summer, unknowingly working at the reception desk in his apartment building. Usually the local residents are always very familiar with the concierge, but I was new and therefore an as yet unknown face. Bill just left his apartment and waved as he passed, as if he were casually saying goodbye, but then he took a few steps back and looked closely again. “You are new here. What’s your name? I’m Bill, ”he said, to which I replied that my name was Tommy, that I was only here temporarily and that it was nice to meet him. He gave me his hand and told me that he would just go to the Chinese around the corner and come back to finish his book. When he came back, he wished me a nice day. It was pretty cool that he took extra time for me and showed me so much appreciation. “(TommySalami40)

Wow what amazing stories! These ten people won’t forget them anytime soon. And who knows, maybe one day our paths will cross with those of a nice star. But if you have to cheer yourself up differently until then, you can simply click on the following links and read other exciting and emotional articles:

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