10 dogs who are meeting their new family for the first time

10 dogs who are meeting their new family for the first time

Nothing is nicer than driving to his brand new home with a new four-legged friend and seeing the joy on his furry face. Especially when the adopted dog comes from the animal shelter, he can often not believe his luck – finally nice people who want to get him out of there and keep him!

These videos will warm your heart. (Scroll down to the article.)

The radiant dog smiles on these faces speak volumes and people don’t look any different. Some have looked for and found each other here.

1. “My wife and our new puppy get to know each other.”

My wife meeting our new lab Indy for the first time. from r / aww

2. Grumpy grandpa meets cute puppies. Love at first sight!

Grumpy Meets Happy for the First Time from r / aww

3. On the way back from the shelter.

4. “My 2 year old nephew had a puppy for his birthday.”

5. “May I introduce: Nugget.”

6. Friends for life!

7. “My father went to the shelter and fell in love spontaneously.”

My dad melted when he met his new puppy at the shelter a few weeks ago. Here’s him and Oliver – needless to say, they went home together. from r / aww

8. “Took a new friend home with me. Hello Diego! “

Brought my new friend home today! Say hello to Diego. from r / aww

9. “She was stuck in the shelter for a month. Welcome Roxy! “

She sat at the humane society for almost a month until yesterday. Meet Roxy! from r / aww

10. He couldn’t have wished for a safer place.

Simply heartwarming! It is clear that no mere friendships are made here; new family members have found each other here.

Preview: © Imgur via Reddit / RathskellerDweller

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