10 dog behaviors that seem strange to us

10 dog behaviors that seem strange to us

Dogs are loyal and lovable animals that bring a lot of joy to their owners. But sometimes they surprise their masters with behaviors that seem a bit crazy. They scratch their hind legs when they have made a pile, greet each other by sniffing each other’s rear, or suddenly dart around as if stung by a tarantula.

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What often looks strange to people is part of the complex dog language and completely normal for four-legged friends. Here are 10 Weird Dog Behaviors and What They Really Mean:

1. Slide around on the rump

It may look weird and funny at the same time when your dog is sliding around on the floor with his rear end, but there is a serious reason for this. It is his response to a health complaint that should be investigated by a veterinarian.

Attacks of the dogs

2. Lick your nose

Dogs lick their noses regularly to keep them moist. It helps them improve their sense of smell and better identify smells. However, under certain circumstances, persistent nose licking is part of their body language and signals that they are anxious, confused, or sick. Always remember to see a veterinarian if your dog’s behavior changes suddenly and you have no explanation.

Dog Lick - A Creative Commons Image

3. Scratching for the business

It seems strange when dogs scratch the ground with their hind legs after they’ve done their business – like they’re trying to hide it. But there is something else behind the behavior. It is instinctive behavior that they use to mark their territory and amplify their own smell.

4. You don’t like some people

You may also have noticed that your dog just likes some people a little less than others. This behavior of your dog is related to his fine nose. The more astute his sense of smell, the more picky he is towards bipeds. Certain pheromones in people’s bodies indicate whether there is any danger. But not only pheromones, even large hats, children or people with unusual physical characteristics can scare him.

Murray, meet shoes

5. They eat feces

This behavior of dogs is rather repulsive for most people, although it is not so rare that dogs eat their own or someone else’s feces. The behavior is called “coprophagia” and is justified in such a way that the animals want to compensate for a lack of nutrients with it. However, this theory is controversial. Researchers tend to assume that eating the feces is a learned habit. So you can counteract it with targeted training.

Odie Eating Molly's Poop

6. Constant tail hunting

Dogs chasing their tails look incredibly funny. Unfortunately, it is no laughing matter if you display this behavior frequently, but a clear warning signal that the dog is bored and not receiving enough attention. Make sure to use your four-legged friend physically and mentally. Chasing its tail can also lead to unsightly and unnecessary injuries.

taro tries to get his own tail

7. Dig holes

There are several reasons dogs dig holes in the sand. If it’s very warm, they may be looking for a place to cool off. Others show this behavior because they are bored. Dogs love to get dirty and rummage around in the sand. If you find something interesting along the way, all the better. But because they often don’t care where they’re digging, you should protect your flower beds or ensure that they are adequately used to avoid boredom.

Rehoboth Beach September 2012

8. Eat grass

Many dog ​​owners try to keep their dogs from eating grass. You are probably afraid that it will harm your beloved four-legged friend and that he will vomit from it. However, experts are sure that it is completely normal behavior for dogs. However, they still have no idea why the animals are doing it. If your dog vomits frequently after playing outside, as a precaution you should have him checked for other causes that have nothing to do with eating grass.

Dog eating grass

9. Mount others

Of course, many dog ​​owners are embarrassed when their dog climbs on inanimate objects or on the neighbour’s leg. But for dogs this behavior is nothing unusual and natural. One reason for this is probably that your four-legged friend is just going through puberty and is simply indulging in its sex drive. Or in this way he tries to get rid of his energy and tension. However, it can also happen because your dog has learned to use this behavior to get your attention.

10. The paws smell of corn chips

Anyone who has ever brought their nose close to dog paws will have noticed that they smell like a mixture of corn chips and cheese balls. But there is no need to worry, the smell is normal and comes from the bacteria and fatty acids that are in your skin and keep it healthy. The smell can often be heard in the ears as well.

Amore's Paw

Dogs surprise their owners anew every day – often with certain behaviors that can be funny, a little crazy and sometimes shocking. Nevertheless, they are man’s best friend and masters and mistresses can no longer imagine a life without them.

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