10 discoveries in old houses

10 discoveries in old houses

Who doesn’t dream of discovering a treasure once in their life? Unfortunately, for most of them this is just a wish. The likelihood of making a real discovery is very slim. On the other hand, everyone can help their luck by giving preference to old houses the next time they move house.

Do you want to give your apartment that certain something? Here you will find ideas and suggestions. (Scroll down to the article.)

The following examples prove this. These 10 people have moved or renovated their old homes – and they made exciting discoveries in the process. They are not always as valuable as gold and silver, but they are definitely exciting:

1. “My grandparents bought the house 10 years ago. During the renovation, they found that: a shaft that they ultimately covered over with glass. It is over 7 meters deep and leads to an old river bed. “

Beautiful well with glass over it from r / oddlysatisfying

2. “This old space wallpaper was under three other layers of wallpaper in an old farmhouse.”

This vintage space themed wallpaper found under 3 layers of other wallpaper in an old farm house. from r / mildlyinteresting

3. “This building still has the original power system from 1909.”

This building has the original 1909 electrical switches. from r / mildlyinteresting

4. “The corner got a quirk and revealed countless layers of paint.”

This wall broke exposing years of layers of paint from r / mildlyinteresting

5. “I discovered some nice drawings under the wallpaper that I am tearing off.”

Found some nice drawings under the wallpaper I’m removing from r / mildlyinteresting

Imgur via Reddit / Fristiloverke13

6. “Our apartment has a small milk door under the cupboards.”

Our new apartment has a little milk door under the cabinets from r / mildlyinteresting

Imgur via Reddit / d416

7. “Guess what I found when I removed an old carpet.”

Pulled up the carpet at the house, and guess what I found! (OP Newel to funny) from r / MajorMinor

Imgur via Reddit / ACappella Man

8. “I found these Tom and Jerry-style mouse holes in a house from 1741.”

These “Tom and Jerry” type mouse holes gnawed in a house built in 1741

9. “I renovated my basement and discovered this painting behind the wooden wall.”

While renovating my basement we found this painting on the cement behind the wall from r / mildlyinteresting

10. “Apparently some chain was inserted into the wall. My house was built in the 1930s. “

There’s a random chain embedded in the wall of my 1930s-era home from r / mildlyinteresting

Great! Whether silver coins, a hidden basement or a beautiful drawing – who wouldn’t want to make such discoveries?

Thumbnail: © Reddit / jbsparrow

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