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10 different uses for curd soap

10 different uses for curd soap

Curd soap is a mixture of water, caustic soda, table salt and animal fat. It is not only fragrance-free and therefore particularly suitable for allergy sufferers, but also has enormous cleaning power, because of which it was often used, especially in the days of our grandparents. If you go through the supermarket or drugstore today, however, the curd soap in its simple packaging is not even noticeable next to all the colorful shower gel and cleaning agent packaging – it is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly solution to many problems.

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1. Impure skin

If you are annoyed by your pimples and blackheads or even suffer from acne, simply wash the affected areas with curd soap. This frees the skin from excess oil, which is responsible for the development of skin impurities. However, you should watch your skin closely while using it, as the soap can irritate or even dry it out.

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2. Oily hair

Just as curd soap removes excess oil from the skin, it also works wonders on oily hair. The hair should be washed with the unusual “shampoo” two to three times a week. However, those who have naturally dry hair must be careful with curd soap, as it can dull the lengths; in this case, conditioners or oils help.

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3. Foot care

If you want to do something good for your stressed feet, treat them to a soothing foot bath made of hot water and curd soap. This treatment not only heals inflamed nail beds, but also makes the subsequent removal of calluses and splinters easier.

4. Body cleansing

The most well-known use for curd soap is body cleaning, because the soap reliably removes stubborn dirt, e.g. dried-on paint residues. However, if you have sensitive or very dry skin, you should rarely use curd soap for washing, as it can degrease the skin and possibly dry it out.

5. Toothpaste

Brush your teeth with a bar of curd soap? This idea may seem disgusting to you at first, but you will be amazed at how mild the – by the way harmless – soap tastes and how pleasantly it foams when cleaning. In addition, it reliably removes tartar and plaque and is in no way inferior to conventional toothpaste – as many people who have tried it confirm. By the way, you also save money, because you can brush your teeth with a piece of curd soap for about a year.

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6. Leg cramps

Are you more likely to wake up from painful calf cramps and ask yourself every time how you can avoid unpleasant muscle tension in the future? Well, then you should try the following trick: Wrap a piece of curd soap in a small cloth and place it under your sheet at calf level. After just one or two nights you will be relieved of the annoying cramps. This is ensured by the high sodium content in the curd soap, which is released by the heat generated under the sheet and duvet; because in addition to a lack of magnesium and potassium, sodium deficiency is one of the most common causes of calf cramps.

7. Remove stains

Apart from personal hygiene, curd soap is also a reliable helper in the household. The soap is a real miracle weapon, especially when pretreating stubborn stains such as grass or cherry juice stains. Simply moisten the dirty spots with a little water and then rub them generously with curd soap before you put them in the washing machine as usual.

8. Cleaning

Curd soap is also ideal for cleaning, as it reliably removes heavy soiling from various surfaces in conjunction with water. You can even use the soap to make dish soap in no time to wash dirty dishes.

9. Moths

Moths are an absolute nuisance in the closet, because they mercilessly eat holes in your favorite clothes. However, commercially available mothballs that drive away the insects often give off an unpleasant smell in the closet. A bar of curd soap, on the other hand, that hangs in a washcloth, for example, keeps annoying moths away without giving off an unpleasant scent.

10. Aphids

Curd soap is also a reliable weapon against flower-damaging aphids. To finally get rid of the annoying pests, you only have to dissolve 10-15 g curd soap in one liter of water and carefully wipe the leaves of the infected plant with it. Alternatively, you can also spray the plant. Simply mix 50-60 g curd soap with one liter of water and pour the liquid into a spray can.

Brushing your teeth with curd soap, getting rid of moths or preventing leg cramps – the above-mentioned uses for curd soap may sound a bit unusual at first, but are extremely effective. It’s definitely worth a try.

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