10 delicious recipes with cheese

10 delicious recipes with cheese

On the pizza, in the casserole or over the pasta – melted cheese is the icing on the cake of numerous hearty recipes and the reason there are countless cheese lovers out there. The following 10 dishes are a selection of the best cheese recipes that gourmets will really enjoy.

1.) Delicious pizza cake

A pizza cake is a Canadian specialty that is prepared in a saucepan or in a cake pan. There really is no better combination: cake and pizza. The pizza cake consists of layered tomato sauce, salami, various types of cheese and pizza dough. A dream for all pizza lovers! Who doesn’t get gasping for breath right away?

2.) Chicken breast cordon bleu

Some people claim that the three most magical words in life are: “I love you.” We say that they are: “Gratinated with cheese.” If you have goose bumps over your back and arms, you can look forward to a special cordon bleu happy – of course not without a cheese cover!

3.) Cheese and Chicken Roll

For some it may seem senseless and strange to put together a new piece of bread from sliced ​​bread, for others it is the cornerstone of a brilliant culinary delight. Let’s just try to change group one’s mind. It will be difficult to resist these rolls of bread that are crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside!

4.) Cheese and sausage bread

Three cowboys sit together in the flickering glow of the campfire. In the background the horses snort while the sky over the Rocky Mountains is pervaded by shooting stars. Then the men unpack their canned bread together. Wonderful how it smells and how hearty in taste! In this recipe you will learn how to prepare the hearty delicacy.

5.) Stuffed giant mushrooms

If there is one characteristic that makes mushrooms especially adorable, it is the fact that every single specimen of them looks like a funny hat. Don’t hold back and give it a try! But absolutely before filling and baking, otherwise there is a risk of a hot mess.

6.) Mac and cheese pasta recipe wrapped in puff pastry

One of the most popular American fast food dishes has finally made it to Europe. After the voyage across the ocean, however, the “Macaroni and Cheese” arrived completely different. You have dressed up in a new shape and with unusual clothing so that you are unrecognizable. In essence, however, the cheese and noodle delicacy has remained the same: the creamy consistency and full taste have not been lost since leaving their country of origin.

7.) Pizza made from mashed potatoes

Potatoes and pizza go together as well as polar bears and the Sahara? Not even close! This recipe is the perfect combination of hearty and tender, fiery and elegant, and simple and refined. Just the thing for a German-Italian evening.

8.) Bacon and cheese surprise

We all know: only the inner values ​​count. With this delicacy, however, it is not entirely true, because the bacon crust looks too attractive for that. The baked ring has it all in the truest sense of the word.

9.) Potato roll with ricotta and spinach filling

If potatoes are cut into very thin slices, the situation seems crystal clear: A fried potato dish lands on the board. But gourmets wouldn’t be gourmets if it didn’t conjure up completely new culinary ideas. That’s why we combine our tuber slices with a tempting filling to make a well-sorted potato roll.

10.) Cauliflower minced meat island with Babybel filling

The Augsburger Puppenkiste once sang about the island with two mountains, hence the great open sea. Replace the island with minced meat, the mountains with cauliflower and the sea with bechamel sauce and you get this great dish that knows how to convince not only from the outside but also from the inside.

These 10 recipes ensure a lot of fun with cheese not only when preparing, but also when eating. Regardless of whether you choose pizza, casserole, bread or pasta, don’t forget the cheese, because it rounds off every dish and its taste ensures that you can no longer imagine life without it.


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