10 crazy situations

10 crazy situations

What could be nicer than finally coming back to your own four walls after a long, tiring day?

But sometimes the world doesn’t stay outside the door, it reminds you that your apartment is only part of the bigger picture – including completely crazy moments that were just waiting to greet you at home.

The best thing will be to just take a deep breath and then laugh along. After all, it is never really boring inside either.

1. No, this is not a giant banana.

2. “Finally you are back …”

I was having a horrible day until I came home to this face in the window

3. “I married the right one.”

4. Not only did he get the door open, he also made himself comfortable and treated himself to a snack.

5. “It’s good that you’re back, man. I could use some help here. “

“Human, I require your assistance please.”

6. “What is it? Never seen a fluffy dog ​​bathing? “

Halp! I’m dissolving!

7. “Let me, I’ve had a long day …”

An existential crisis in the shower from r / thisismylifenow

8. “I found that in my tub. I don’t know this cat. “

so, I came home to this … I don’t own a cat

9. “I guess a seal got lost in my bathroom.”

Found a loose seal in my bathroom

10. “So they always line up on the stairs.”

They do this every day at the same time. from r / aww

As you can see: crazy world – even in your own apartment. And most of the time, pets are a big part of it. Who knows what happens to you in your own four walls after work.

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