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10 crazy emergency calls

10 crazy emergency calls

Emergency call center employees are used to a lot. In addition to urgent calls for help and desperate situations, they also know callers who they find amusing at best, and annoying at worst.

The strangest videos. (Scroll down to the article.)

Why some people call their country’s 911 is really hard to imagine – the truth is just crazier than any story every time.

1. The snake bat

The call sounded as gruesome as it was bizarre. “We need reinforcements, he’s hitting you with a snake!” The officer at the emergency call center asked incredulously. “What does he hit you with?” – “With a snake, with a huge snake! Oh no!”

One man actually beat his partner with a five-foot-long snake that the couple kept as a pet. The snake was taken to an animal shelter and was soon adopted by one of the policemen who had seen the whole thing. The snake and woman beater was arrested.

2. The regular customer

Eleanor was an old lady who called 911 almost every day. One time her neighbor allegedly bored a hole in his floor so he could urinate on her head (she lived on the top floor, but logic had long since stopped coming to her). Sometimes, as she claimed, “black and Arab dwarfs” snuck into her apartment to stick their fingers in Eleanor’s peanut butter. The officers stopped by her regularly – and they gladly took the newcomers with them to scare them.

3. Save the husband!

One day a woman called who said she was about to shoot her husband, please come quickly and stop her. When the police ran into the relevant front yard a little later, they saw the woman holding a toilet plunger like a rifle to “aim” at her dog and shouting “Bang!”. The dog’s name was “Husband” (“husband”).

4. The cloud man

Every time it snowed, this man would dial 911 and report that the clouds would fall from the sky. The police must come and pick them up again. He was already known at the local headquarters and the officers were used to calming him down.

5. The gold (fish) robbers

A decidedly quarrelsome lady called the headquarters frequently and had complaints about the children of her neighbors. One day she even claimed that the children sneaked into her garden and kidnapped the goldfish from her pond. Who knows what became of him.

6. The illegal angler

“There’s an angler who doesn’t have a license on his hat, come right away!” A little later: “I called 10 minutes ago, why aren’t you here yet?”
Some people don’t seem to have hobbies or serious worries.

7. The oppressed Lord

Someone called and said in a drunken voice that they were being attacked by several men. In the broadest sense that was also true – because the caller was about to be arrested by the police because he did not want to stop throwing pizza slices at passers-by.

8. The hungry tenant

The call came in around midnight. The man lived in a guest house that usually had a microwave in the common living room. This was gone now. “Did you ask the landlord whether he might have taken it away?” – “No.” – “So you want the police to come because a microwave is missing that doesn’t even belong to you?” – “Yes. I’m hungry.”
He insisted that a horrific crime had happened here and asked for police assistance. It went back and forth for so long that a real emergency ended up on hold. The caller was reported for abuse of the emergency number and even ended up in court.

9. Parking problems

“How much is the fee for a ticket?” – “Sir, this is the emergency call center.” – “Yes, I know. So how high? “

10. “It’s not from here.”

And of course the bored racist from the suburbs: “A black guy is walking down the street here. It’s not from here. “
Well, thank you too. It’s good that there are concerned citizens with too much free time.

Anyone who knows an employee of such a switchboard should definitely ask him or her about the craziest stories from the job. That can be a long evening though.

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