10 body care tips every family doctor recommends

10 body care tips every family doctor recommends

Personal hygiene is important. But with all the products that are on the market today and all the tips that are circulating on the Internet, you don’t even know what to do first and whether what you have been using for years is right at all. That is why we have put together 10 body care tips that any general practitioner would recommend with a clear conscience.

The best home remedies, tips and tricks for beauty and personal care. (Scroll down to the article.)


1. Adhere to a specific sequence for care products

When it comes to facial care, it is important to follow a specific sequence with the products in order to achieve the best possible care effect. It is recommended to apply the products according to their consistency. So you start with a light facial toner, then continue with serums and ampoules through to firmer face creams. Last but not least, the sunscreen follows. Incidentally, this should not only be applied in summer, but daily to prevent premature skin aging.

By the way, you can tell whether you are aging faster than you would like by these 5 characteristics of premature skin aging.

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2. Allow clay masks to act on the skin of the face only for a short time

Clay masks are a great way to intensively cleanse the face and remove sebum deposits. However, if used incorrectly, they can do more harm than good to your skin. Because clay removes the excess oil from the face, but it also dries the skin out if it is left on for too long. Therefore, clay masks should be washed off no later than 2 to 5 minutes after they have completely hardened.


3. Exfoliate your armpits regularly

Everyone knows that you should exfoliate your face regularly to remove dead skin. But doctors also recommend that you regularly exfoliate your armpits. Because this counteracts clogged pores and stimulates the formation of new cells. So painful pimples under the armpits are a thing of the past. But be careful: the armpits are very sensitive, which is why the peeling should be massaged in very gently.

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4. Do not sunbathe on fresh scars

Fresh scars should never come into direct sunlight. Because UV radiation can damage fresh scar tissue and thus impair its regeneration. However, since UV radiation can also penetrate fabric, it is not enough to cover the scar with clothing. It is better to apply sunscreen, which has a high sun protection factor, to scars beforehand so that the healing process is not delayed.


5. Improve the memory of newly acquired knowledge with sport

According to studies, memory is linked to physical activity. Accordingly, sport that is practiced immediately after a learning process stimulates memory. So if you are preparing for an important test, you should go jogging right after the learning phase. In this way, what you have learned remains much better in the memory.

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6. Make up for a short sleep with water

Studies show that people who sleep less than 6 hours a night are 59% more likely to be dehydrated throughout the day. So if you don’t stick to the recommended 7 to 8 hours a night, make sure you drink enough water during the day.

If you are having trouble getting back to sleep after a restless sleep, there are 6 things you shouldn’t do when you wake up at night.


7. Alternately wear shoes of different heights

To keep your legs and feet healthy, doctors recommend varying the height of your shoe heel. That means not always wearing flat shoes, but also not always wearing the highest high heels that are in your closet. Otherwise, depending on the height of the heel, the calf muscles will lengthen or shorten. Therefore, you should alternate between flat and higher shoes every now and then in order to exercise the muscles evenly.

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8. Don’t miss out on chocolate

If you want to lose weight, you have to do without chocolate. That is at least always preached. However, the body needs the sugar to provide enough energy. Dark chocolate also has health benefits. This is because cocoa contains flavonoids, which have been shown to protect the heart by stimulating blood flow and lowering blood pressure. For this positive effect, however, chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 80% is necessary.

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9. Don’t blindly follow popular diets

Has a star lost 20 kg on a certain diet? While that’s great, it shouldn’t be the reason you’re following this diet blindly. Because every body reacts differently to a change in diet. What works for another person doesn’t necessarily have to be the case for you. Therefore, the first thing to do is to find out more about your desired diet and discuss your goals with a doctor who will accompany you throughout your project and keep an eye on your health.

However, it doesn’t always take a radical diet to shed those pounds. Sometimes even small changes in everyday life are enough to lose weight almost automatically.

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10. Use one day a week for relaxation

The body is confronted with a lot of stress in everyday work. Therefore, everyone should take a day at the weekend and devote it solely to relaxation. Spend the time on the sofa or indulge in some wellness with a relaxing bath and face mask. This relieves your psyche, strengthens your immune system and gives you enough strength to survive the following week with ease.

Here are 9 more tips for a healthy psyche.

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Taking care of your body is not always easy. After all, there is so much that you have to consider. So it is extremely helpful to learn about tips and tricks that you can now integrate into your own care routine with a clear conscience.

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